Nargiz filed for divorce: candid interviews about her husband, Italian

Наргиз подала на развод: откровенное интервью о муже-итальянце
Third marriage for the star of the show “the Voice” is doomed.

Наргиз подала на развод: откровенное интервью о муже-итальянце


Photo: Mikhail Klyuyev

On the eve of the 45-year-old Nargiz Zakirova shocked everyone
the message that getting a divorce with her third husband, an Italian, Philip Balzano.
Before the singer talked about his family life in glowing terms, but
it turned out that the couple always had problems, related with money, then with
the upbringing of children.

In his microblog
Zakirova showed a screenshot of the letter from Bolzano, in which he demanded that she
about 40 thousand dollars. “You have until Friday evening to
to transfer the money that I asked for. I checked again the exact amount is not
including expenses for home repairs that never end, and the fee
for my texts,” wrote Philip to his wife. After the sensation began, the singer
gave some candid comments, and her husband hurried to change the tone and declared
that will love her forever.

“We’ve been together for more than fifteen years, and this is my third marriage.
The previous two were not entirely successful, but they had two wonderful
children — a daughter Sabina and son Auel. Imagine with Philip we met
thanks to my second wife to the Meeting. At that time we were going to divorce, and
suddenly he calls and invites me to a restaurant: “give up now all that is between
us, just come, you have not heard of this!” I went as
it turned out, to meet his destiny”, says Nargiz.

Nargiz Zakirova with her husband Philip, Balzano

Photo: 7D

“At the time Phil was married, but his marriage, like mine, was bursting
at the seams. We reached out to each other. I first confessed her love for him, however
to live together we become only after both got divorce from their
spouses. Soon after we married, and we came up with Leila. By the way, Philip is also from
immigrants. At the age of nine he came to the United States from Sicily with his parents”, —
said the star of the show “the Voice” about the time when their family has reigned idyll.

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