Naomi watts about failure and acquaintance with David Lynch

Наоми Уоттс о неудачах и знакомстве с Дэвидом Линчем

Naomi watts is currently one of the most sought-after actress, but already 30 years old she couldn’t find a role. Only 32 countless of going to trial for shooting in various paintings was a success. Then she made her debut in the David Lynch film “Mulholland Drive”. The Director saw in her the girl to play the image of a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The actress successfully transfers to the screen character with deep motives and hidden features.

Наоми Уоттс о неудачах и знакомстве с Дэвидом Линчем

But even as a child, the midwife said to the mother, Naomi, that she will become famous. Now the actress says it with a smile, after all, destined to come true. Recently Naomi was awarded the honor of performing in the role of the jury at the Venice film festival, spent time with family and went on shooting a new project.

28 Sep actress turned 50! “Age? Yesterday I felt like a child, and today at 28, she says with a smile, — I’d rather not look in the mirror and be disappointed”.

It is now a famous actress and is in demand, but I couldn’t find where to “attach”. For a long time Naomi was vainly called for trial, where it is constantly denied. But the girl did not give up and were able to succeed. “I have often said in the trial, that I’m funny, smart, sexy — whatever it is. In 2000, I at his own expense traveled from new York to Los Angeles to audition in the middle of the monologue I realized that the Director somehow removed — it turned out he was asleep! Not surprisingly, when I was invited to audition to Lynch, I refused. But the casting Director insisted the Director singled out my photos from lots of the portfolio and the chances are high. David was the first who kept me eye contact at the audition, the first one who asked, “How was your day, Naomi?” I was in shock: I can be someone interesting! Later I repeatedly asked him why he chose me. He was puffing on a cigarette and said with his squeaky voice: “I don’t know, Naomi. You have something flashed in his eyes.” I love David, and we communicate. When I was selected for the role in “king Kong”, I dialed it and heard, “Naomi, every actress who is in the clutches of a giant monkey, forever inscribed in the history of cinema.” I think he can be trusted”.

Setbacks early in his career could not fail to affect the mental state. “Last year I played psychotherapist in the TV series “Gypsy.” Before and she appeared several times on the couch: used the services of specialists in times of crisis. But before filming began, to truly immerse yourself in the process, talked with a few professionals. One of them demanded $ 400 per hour for his work. It would seem that I had to go with these expenses to the Studio that produced the series… But in the end paid for everything herself: she reflected that if it will get me free, I do not feel the effect from the therapy.”