Бен Аффлек сможет видеться с детьми только под присмотром бывшей жены

Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck finally divorced, but the big issue was the custody of the three children. This case is now the former spouses settled in August, after securing the agreement of both parties for joint custody. Last Friday the marriage was officially terminated, but garner decided to take advantage of some flaws in the documents to “watch over” her children and her husband during their time together.

Бен Аффлек сможет видеться с детьми только под присмотром бывшей жены

Garner and Affleck, following the agreement, will equally participate in the upbringing of children: to spend time with them, work together to solve problems on education and the future. However, there is one small but which became known on Thursday. The fact that Affleck is also free to be able to raise three kids — violet, Seraphina and Samuel, but only under the supervision of cameras.

This is done only because the mother of the children should be confident in their safety. Most recently, Affleck was treated for alcohol dependence in rehabe, where, by the way, she Jennifer his and sent. While the actress will not be fully confident in sobriety and stability of the former, the meetings will be under close scrutiny. It is possible to fail again, because alcoholism Ben may not recover for three years. How much time will children spend with each spouse, is not known.

Recall that old habit won’t stop Ben Affleck. Recently, it was reported that the actor broke up with his beloved, producer Lindsay Sukus. Perhaps the turmoil in his personal life and problems when the divorce became the reason for the binge. Jennifer garner, despite the divorce, still take care of her husband and compelled him to seek help from professionals.

As reported by news portal TMZ, garner was persuaded Affleck to go to rehab to combat alcoholism. Did this ex-wife of actor because of the pictures, where Affleck appeared with bottles of alcohol. Communicate with children in a state of intoxication garner will not allow, so treatment will be long.

Garner not against Affleck after a divorce. 45-year-old actress helped her ex-husband in a difficult period. When he was treated for alcohol addiction in rehab, every day she visited him and supported. “Everything looked very positive. Jennifer took a lot of care and they both wanted to make things right,” continues the insider. He added that Affleck is now on the road to full recovery, because he is very care about their health and working on them.