Голые, но красивые: Катерина Шпица снялась обнаженной в воде The actress participated in a provocative photo shoot. The footage, which was published in social networks, Katherine Spitz appears in front of fans without clothes. Social media users have already written her many compliments.
Голые, но красивые: Катерина Шпица снялась обнаженной в воде

Katherine Spitz took part in the provocative shoot by photographer Diana Avkhadieva. In the pictures, which appeared online, actress posing Nude in the water a bright blue color. Apparently, Catherine was pleased with the result. A young woman posted one of the shots on my Instagram.

Голые, но красивые: Катерина Шпица снялась обнаженной в воде“All of us – without a bottom, and we’re all in the abyss”, – has thoughtfully noticed the artist.

Fans of Catherine was delighted with this publication. In their opinion, the actress is in amazing shape. “How beautiful,” “Wow!”, “So much!”, “The fifth element”, “All right, you can, if you can age and figure,” – excitedly began to discuss on the Internet.

Instagram photographer Diana Avkhadieva also appeared the picture, which show Katherine Spitz. Members of the photographers praised her work. “Cool idea,” said many.

The project, which was attended by Katherine Spitz, called Dia777. About it Avkhadieva announced in early March. In the first photo of the series shows myself Diana.

“Many people already know what I do all the last days, I spend a photo session in the coloured water. I have collected in this project that I love with all my heart is water color and the number seven. Wishing to be in the colored water to the seven rainbow colors – welcome!” explained and urged all Avkhadieva.

In addition to Spitz, the lens of the photographer was Sati Casanova and Ravshan Kurkova. According to journalists, shot with the participation of Catherine took place a few days ago.

Add that a famous actress – exemplary mother. Despite the tight schedule, Caterina regularly finds time for her son Herman. The boy was born in February 2012. The child’s father was a stuntman Konstantin Adaev. Some time later, after the appearance of the son the couple broke up. However Adaeva and Spitz managed to avoid scandals in the divorce process.

Despite the fact that Katerina and Konstantin are no longer together, they continue to maintain a relationship. The ex-wife want to give an example for his son, as to maintain good relationship after a breakup. According to the actress, happiness should be taught just as reading or walking. Katherine Spitz revealed the truth about the relationship with her ex-husband