Мама Тимура Еремеева объяснила, почему Мишулин публично не говорил о сыне The beloved actor suggested that the same could happen. Karina Mishulina and the widow of folk artist Valentina Konstantinovna did not understand why Spartak Vasilyevich was hiding the child. But they believed that it had good reasons.

In early October it became known that the daughter of known actor Spartaka Mishulina Karina intends to sue the young man, whom she called an impostor. She read an interview, published in the spring in the magazine where Timur Eremeev calls himself a son of her famous father. She was shocked to the core and intended to protect the good name of the closest person. Timur Eremeev – son of Spartaka Mishulina. The whole history of the conflict between relatives

However, almost two months after the conflict was made public the results of the DNA examination. As it turned out, Timur indeed the son of Spartak Vasilyevich. Karina doubted the test results. She was upset with Yeremeyev for the fact that he decided to seek the truth in the eyes of the whole country. According to her, he just needed to contact her and tell their story. Moreover, Mishulina thought: since the father didn’t say anything about the illegitimate son, so he had good reason. The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina learned the truth about their relationship

Timur’s mother, Tatiana, told why Spartak Vasilyevich was silent about the child until the last day of life.

“Spartak weren’t going to die. He went for the planned operation, saying that it is frivolous. “Fix – ‘ll be good as new” he said to me when I visited him in the hospital. And the next day I hear on TV that Spartacus suddenly became,” recalled the woman.

Eremeeva also admitted that her choice did not spare money for her son. She did not deny that it was the irregular payments, but she never felt the need. Moreover, Mishulin was very generous – always gave gifts and financed kupny purchase. Mother of Timur Eremeeva declassified expensive gifts from Spartaka Mishulina

Many famous friends of Spartak Vasilyevich admitted that he never heard that he has an illegitimate son. However, the concert organizer Alexander Dobrynin told the publication “World news” that Mishulin mentioned the boy. Karina Mishulina stopped the war with his brother

“Of all of Moscow’s celebrities, I particularly became friends with Spartak Vasilyevich. He told me that he has other children besides Karina. Bought at the bases of things: “This is for my wife and daughters… And that is for the beloved woman and our little”. It was the mid-80s. Now I understand that it was about the time of Timur, born in 1983,” said the artist.