Иван Янковский рассказал правду о своих родителях
The young actor shocked fans.

Иван Янковский рассказал правду о своих родителях

Philip Yankovsky, Oksana Fandera, and their son Ivan

Photo: Starface.ru

Ivan Jankowski is now considered one of the best young actors. Though he recently turned 27 years old, is the son of Philip Yankovsky and Oksana Fandera much younger, so still considered a “young actor”.

Ivan and lucky and unlucky at the same time. To be heirs of such a famous film dynasty is about luck. But also a huge responsibility at the same time. Ivan has every time to prove that he is not just son or grandson, but by itself nothing. In each interview, of course, questions about relatives, too, rise.

“Everybody seems to think that if you are someone’s son or grandson, you some kind of special relationship that you know, everything is possible, — said Ivan project “Kinotest”. — No! This is not so. I was raised to be tough. There were moments that I was locked in a room for a year. Can you imagine? I was sitting in the room!”

This information struck fans of the actor. Neither Philip Yankovsky, Oksana Fandera no absolutely not give the impression of harsh teachers. But perhaps in such education is the secret of their present friendship? Ivan immensely respects and honors his parents. So far, all holidays — birthdays, New year, his sister and celebrated with my parents, although both of them have been much over 18.

Photo: Instagram

Also the younger Jankowski responded to questions regarding his personal life.

“Most likely, I’m a one — woman man, — has told Ivan. — Although it’s all so conditional! My grandfather was often asked: “How do you play love? It’s so hard?” He replied: “How? Partner should like at least a little!” Children? Children are cool!”

For several years Ivan meets the daughter of Konstantin Kinchev Faith. Young people are once parted, but this year it became known about their reunion. So, it seems that the younger Jankowski still monogamous. Together they went to Sicily and was photographed in the same place where Michael Corleone made an offer of Apollonia. And about a month ago attentive fans spotted the pair on the finger of Faith the engagement ring. So it is possible that the wedding of Ivan and his bride will be one of the biggest events of the coming year.