Надя Ручка станет байкером
The singer became a party to the new extreme reality show.

Nadia Handle

To conquer new look
transporta popular singer decided after participating in a reality show
“Riders”. Last spring, Nadia Pen in the composition of the star team
conquered on the car, the track “Formula 1” in Sochi. Now artist
intends to improve its skills in high-speed driving, but
on the bike. Nadia is an experienced driver who does not hide his love for reliable
cars and speed. However, in her confession, the car gives
that feeling of freedom and flight, which gives the motorcycle.

“I want
new sensations and emotions. I guess I miss the adrenaline rush,
I felt in a race in Sochi, — said Handle. But to continue experimenting with
car I probably won’t. Few people know, but during the final
– in I abruptly pulled the neck and almost three months undergoing rehabilitation. And
that motorcycle is my teenage dream. Speed is my element. And I
love to discover different speeds. After all, emotions are feelings behind the wheel
a conventional car is one thing, the emotions in the car, and
motorcycle — something the third. And I want to experience this new speed. To
the same motorcycle is the ability to feel freedom in our
Moscow traffic jams. Driving requires maximum concentration and
new to me the driving skills that you can only get on
professional training. So I decided to start classes in
the motto of the school in order to next season to be “armed” and open it
spring is more or less a professional biker”.

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