Роберт Редфорд и его знаменитые должники
The godfather of independent cinema celebrates anniversary.

Robert Redford, who
today marks 80 years in the overseas film industry is respected by all — even those
who is not a fan of his acting talent.

Redford managed to pull in nearly eight dozen films and serials and has won many
awards, including two Academy awards and four Golden globes. But his main achievement and even, in a sense, the mission of legendary actor believes festival of independent cinema “Sundance”. Once established literally “on the knee” for years, Sundance has become a real factory of stars — and stars the real, of the highest standard. The main word in my life and in the “Sundance” Redford calls “independence.” But here’s the paradox, the festival of independent cinema, and therefore are obliged to thank Redford not only stars Arthouse, but also those who are now included in lists of the most commercially successful figures in Hollywood. Career breakthroughs of many actors “major League” happened in “Sundance”. And thanks to Robert Redford.

His brilliant career Redford
owe Quentin Tarantino (“reservoir dogs” in 1991 ), Hugh Grant (“Four
weddings and a funeral” 1993), Jennifer Lawrence (“Winter bone” 2010), Andy
McDowell (Sex, lies and video” 1989),
Ryan Gosling (“The Fanatic,” 2001),
Tim Burton (“FRANKENWEENIE” 1984), George Lucas (short film “Electronic labyrinth THX 1138 4EB” 1967),
Sofia Coppola (“Beat the star” 1998) and many others…

And began the way of Redford in
Santa Monica (CA), where he was born and went to school. However, at the time
no one would suspect that Robert, losers and a bully expelled from school
the baseball team for drinking, can become a celebrity. Fame came to him after thirty
when he managed to work at the oil company, and to learn from
earned money there, at the Academy of Dramatic arts in new York, and
to play in the theater, and try yourself on TV… And although the debut of Redford in
the movie took place in 1962 — he was then
in the movie “War hunt”, talking about Robert, only seven years later when he
flashed in the crime drama “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid” along with his best friend Paul Newman. His first
“Oscar” Robert earned as an actor and as a Director for the film “Ordinary people” in 1980. He was nominated for the prize Award twice — for the crime Comedy “the sting”
in 1973 and drama “Kinoaktrisa” in 1994. And the glory of ladies ‘ man Redford deserved, having played the main character in “the Great Gatsby” in 1974.

land in Utah, where Redford has subsequently founded the Institute of independent cinema, he
acquired in 1969, on the compensation received for “Butch Cassidy…”. Here, at the former
the ski resort, he began to conduct their own festivals, naming them in honor of the hero himself, the role which brought him his first big money: the Sundance kid. And for nearly 40 years, flown with the first of the festival on the grounds of Redford, the festival has become
a Grand event. Every year it attracts so many people that guests
have already started to complain about overcrowding and the impossibility to break. Robert said
recently that he is not too happy and is planning to divide the festival
two parts in January to arrange a viewing feature films, and in the following
month documentary.

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