Надя Ручка шокировала худобой The singer showed the body in a bathing suit. Nadya Pen resting in Thailand. The soloist of group “Brilliant” for a long time adheres to a proper diet and regularly goes to the gym.

      The soloist of group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle went on a trip to Thailand. Now she’s having a great time in Phuket. Judging by the pictures, the singer often on the beach and shares with the fans of bright pictures in a swimsuit. Fans never cease to admire the toned figure of the artist. However, one of the frames has caused discussion. In pictures it is embodied in a jump where it is clearly visible that skinny ribs protrude artist.

      Apparently, lose weight, Nadia helped regular workout at the gym. The soloist of group “Brilliant” they said that not sticking to any diet. She regularly visits the gym to keep in shape and not abused, high-calorie foods. The actress admitted that it was not for the sake of a slim figure, but primarily for health. Nadia prefers to stick to a healthy lifestyle and tries to stay around the same weight. Once in her youth, she gained the extra pounds. Became so obsessed with the artist that she went to desperate measures decided in that whatever was to come back to familiar forms. However, this almost led to tragic consequences.

      “Read that to burn fat can Apple cider vinegar and drank it before and after a meal, or even instead of 50 ml in one go! Yet, writhing pains in the stomach, not crawled to a neighbor for a painkiller pill, ” recalled the singer. – Got rid of six pounds, but nearly lost his health. And realized that diets are stupid. And mono in particular. After all, diet is very important variety: flavors, colors, textures. You need to eat and sour, and salty, and bland, and delicate, and rude. Relatively safe only fasting days once a week can be a day to sit on kefir or on the water.”

      Nadia’t told his fans, with whom she spends time on vacation. It’s possible that she went to Thailand together with his elect. The singer liked the weather and the climate of the island. “I love a storm… He’s there every day! Most importantly, choose a reliable swimsuit that the soul to rage,” wrote the actress.