Брэд Питт прокомментировал решение Анджелины Джоли о разводе
Appeared the first official version of the causes of disintegration of family life of the star couple.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt with children

Photo: Legion-media

Brad pitt went to the press with a comment about his divorce with Angelina Jolie. “I am extremely saddened by what happened, but the most important thing now is the welfare of our children! I sincerely journalists out to disturb them in this difficult time!” said brad the edition People.

She Angelina comment filed a petition for divorce did not, but her lawyer Laura Wasser had time to talk with the media. “Angelina Jolie really filed the divorce papers. Taking the decision, it was guided by concern for the welfare of children. Angelina would not comment on the incident and asks the press not to disturb her family in the difficult period suffered by the wife! — said Laura.

Among the main version sudden divorce — cheating brad pitt. He has managed to ascribe an affair with Marion Cotillard, which allegedly began during the filming of the film, “Allies”. However, it seems that the reason for the breakup one of the most beautiful star couples was not a loving actor.

Most likely, the couple decided to divorce because of the divergent views on the education of children. As reported by TMZ, the last time Angelina was unhappy with the way brad talked with the heirs. She tried to explain to him the mistakes that he made, but this only led to high-profile scandals in their star house. As a result, pitt was to avoid sharing family time that only exacerbated the already tense relations. We will remind, some time ago, it became known that even at the celebration of the second anniversary of the wedding that Angelina wanted to have a family, brad did not want to stay and escaped with friends to Croatia.

In favor of this version says that in a statement, Jolie divorce is a mark of sole custody of the children. In other words, she doesn’t want pitt more involved in the upbringing of children. Her hand was only meetings.