Траволта прилетел на церемонию вручения «Эмми» за штурвалом своего самолета
The actor promised to be treated well with his prize.

Траволта прилетел на церемонию вручения «Эмми» за штурвалом своего самолета

John Travolta with wife Kelly

Photo: Legion-media

John Travolta once again
proved that he is not only a wonderful actor and a successful producer, but
first-class pilot. In Los Angeles, where took place a few days ago
the ceremony of awarding “Amy”, Travolta flew in on private plane
and not as a passenger, and the pilot’s seat. And in the cabin he
delivered to the ceremony the rest of the family — 16-year-old daughter Ella blue, beloved wife
Kelly Preston 6-year-old son Benjamin.

As told
one day the wife of 62-year-old Travolta, they not only
not afraid to fly with John, but feel in the cabin of his plane in much
safer than if in the pilot’s seat was professional
pilot. After all, besides the fact that Kelly trusts all to his wife, she
knows that Travolta has a solid experience in the management of “flying machines”. In
the first time he took the helm in 16 years, and in 2002, received the certificate of pilot
first class.

As it turned out, John brought
their loved ones to the ceremony is not in vain. After the show, the producer of which he became –
“American crime story”, was awarded 10 Emmy! Of course, to achieve the “Game of thrones”, which won 12 prizes, the show Travolta is not reached,
but still, it was an absolute success. Moreover, as stated by the actor, “this
the triumph was a very pleasant surprise.” And John was just happy that his
joy was able to share sitting in the audience close. Getting your prize
as one of the producers, Travolta said that this award for him is a great honor.
Because strangely enough, although he has two nominations for “Oscar”, the famous
gold-plated statuette has not got it even once. So, as promised
John, unlike many of his colleagues, who keep their awards in bathrooms and
closets, he put Emmy in a place of honor and will take care of her.

John Travolta

Photo: Legion-media