Бывший муж Ирины Дубцовой не мог простить ей развод Eight years ago, the singer broke up with her husband Roman Chernitsyn. In marriage they had a son Artem. After parting Irina Dubtsova had to make every effort to establish contact with a former lover. Now she is satisfied that they have established great friendships.

      Popular singer Irina Dubtsova married during participation in the TV show “star Factory-4”. One of the reports shows the soloist of group “Plazma” Roman Chernitsyn made her an offer of marriage. The lovers did not wait for the end of the project, and were married when Irina was still on the TV show. Two years later the couple had a son Artem. However, after four years of marriage, Irina and Roman broke up. As it turned out, Chernitsyna find it difficult to accept the fact that his family has fallen apart. According to Irina, the soloist of the musical group for a long time was not in contact with her. The singer had to try to reconnect.

      “It was not easy. When we went, the Roma were offended by my departure. Slowly but surely, using diplomacy and putting best efforts, I was able to establish communication with him. Now, fortunately, I can call a Novel her best friend, what am very happy about. We with my ex-husband must be a real example of how to give up and to keep friendly relations”, – said Dubtsova.

      The winner of “Factory of stars” happy that ex-husband takes an active part in the upbringing of his son. Irina also tries as much as possible time together with a 10-year-old Artem. As soon as she had the opportunity to arrange vacation, she flies off to the Maldives and takes you on vacation son and mother. The actress admits that she feels responsible for the welfare of his family.

      “I work for my family — son, mother, because I don’t have strong men on whom I could rely, and some of the pressure off yourself. Permanently to become a housewife I was totally unprepared for and do not want”, – says the singer.

      Despite the fact that Dubcova now one, she did not regret that once decided to divorce.

      “It seems to me that in such situations it is necessary to remember about themselves and their peace of mind. If you have made a selection, then go to the end. Those women, who have children, in this respect, probably even easier. The child is something for which we must move forward, not to fall into despair and live happily ever after. Because children are guided by their parents and we should set a good example for them”, – said the singer in interview to the edition “Woman.ru”.