Надя Ручка пожаловалась на инцидент в самолете The soloist of “Brilliant” were dissatisfied with the services of the largest Russian airlines. Flight attendants threw Nadia a forgotten Pen a book together with food and glasses, not having waited, when the thing will come back.

      Надя Ручка пожаловалась на инцидент в самолете

      At present the soloist of “Brilliant” reads the second of four volumes of esoteric novel “Two lives” written by Opera singer and teacher Concordia Antarova. The work of honored artist in fiction, reveals various esoteric ideas and images, it is often recommended for meditation. In “Two lives” can be found moralizing advice and a lot of philosophy – in short, a book for connoisseurs. What a surprise it was Nadia’s Handle when her book was recently thrown out with the trash!

      An unpleasant incident occurred in the Petersburg airport “Pulkovo” – where the singer landed on the plane, EN route from Moscow. In flight “brilliant” read the book, which after landing in a hurry left on the Board. But the artist quickly realized his mistake and came back for leaving the thing in a few minutes. This time was enough for the flight attendants threw the second volume of “Two lives” together with disposable dishes and leftovers. Pen left shocked by the incident are employees of the leading Russian airlines have not regretted even a book.

      “Forgot on the plane book. When he returned for her in about 15-20 minutes, got her back, drenched in coffee. “Foodies” who work in the airline, saw the second volume of a large book in a good cover (which implies that she’ll be back) and stupidly threw it in the trash with glasses and food! When the book is not for the person of no value, it becomes scary,” Nadia shared a Pen with your followers on Instagram.

      The post reaction to the stars was different. Some of the fans of the singer sympathized with her, noting that in modern society the book is not as valuable as it was before. “Yeah…”, “Shame”, “How so? It’s a book,” they wrote. However, there were also defenders of the airline. In their view, the work of the stewardess consists in efficient cleaning of the aircraft from foreign objects, he says, is it possible to wait, if after an hour the other passengers. And in a situation where one crew per day on four flights, neither of which the preservation of lost things passengers say no. “How do you imagine that after each flight collect books and sweatshirts in the bag that night to take in all lost and found?”, – voted one of podpiski and Nadi.

      Recall, Nadia Handle partial to literature. To write, by her own admission, she started back at school. Then it was sketches of life. After quite a long period of time Nadia had the idea to collect them into a story. When the actress has finished her book, she showed it to one of the Russian publishing house, but the Handle refused publication. However, quite unexpectedly, with a Handle contacted the American writer Michelle Reid, who offered “brilliant” assistance with publication of the book of the singer in English. In the end, a year ago abroad, was published the tale under the Pen name “House of the soul” (“soul House”).


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