Kseniya Rappoport has celebrated birthday in the restaurant new husband

Ксения Раппопорт отпраздновала день рождения в ресторане нового мужа People’s artist had a great time with friends, among whom were Danila Kozlovsky and her daughter, the star of “Internship” Aglaia Tarasova. The festival was held in the school on Rubinsteina street in St Petersburg.

      Ксения Раппопорт отпраздновала день рождения в ресторане нового мужа

      Actress and people’s artist of fun celebrated its 42nd birthday at one of the restaurants my husband Dmitry Borisov in St. Petersburg. Man is a co-founder of the favorite places of the capital of Bohemia – “Jean-Jacques”, “12 Home”, “Apartment 44” and other well-known institutions of Moscow and cultural capital. With regard to the birth of Ksenia Rappoport, he was dancing and dancing on the street Rubinstein. A surprise to many random passers-by and guests of the festival was actor and one of the sex symbols of Russian cinema Danila Kozlovsky, accompanied in the evening street musicians.

      Kseniya Rappoport is one of the few Actresses who are trying not to attract attention to his private life. Rappaport chose not to share on social networks how she celebrated her birthday. Photos from the night with his beloved mother has published in his Instagram star of TV series “Interns” Aglaia Tarasova, the daughter of Xenia from businessman Viktor Tarasov. In the caption to the picture of the girl congratulated Rappoport happy birthday. Subscribers Tarasova also wish Ksenia all the best and I noticed that he and his mother are very similar to each other.

      Recall, Rappoport has recently broke up with actor Yuri Kolokolnikov, who has long lived in a civil marriage. Yuri and Ksenia has a 5-year-old daughter Sofia. That two movie stars uneasy relations, there’s been rumours for quite some time. They often were forced to leave. So, Kolokolnikov, focusing on career abroad, long time he spent in the U.S., participating in the legendary “Game of thrones”, and after he moved to Moscow for the filming of the series “Concerned”. Ksenia constantly lives in St. Petersburg, so the actors saw each other rarely and had to live in several cities.

      With regard to new lover Rappoport, with whom they have registered the relationship, for the sake of Xenia, he moved from Moscow to the cultural capital, leaving his ex-wife and daughter. Business Dmitry Borisov consists of a few restaurants of average price level in the two capitals, these places are loved by many celebrities for example, they often Danila Kozlovsky or brothers zapashnye.

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