Лесю Кафельникову обвинили в фейковом романе According to a friend of a young model, all thought is devoted to the forthcoming move to London. Recently, the microblog of Lesja Kafelnikov the photos from an unknown young man. However the other day the daughter of tennis player deleted footage.

      Лесю Кафельникову обвинили в фейковом романе

      Despite her young age, 17-year-old daughter of a tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov has already experienced the betrayal of a loved one. Beautiful story of two of the heirs of famous names snapped suddenly as for fans of the pair and for the girls. After learning about the infidelities of their regular windy darling, Les put an end to their relationship. Although the parting was not easy for her. The first time the young model has brightened up the loneliness in the night clubs in the company of close friends. Soon, however, took himself in hand, has found solace in his work.

      The life of Lesja Kafelnikov after parting with loved ones, tears, alcohol, clubs

      Kafelnikov graduating this year 11th class, unlike peers who have not study the books, wanting to prepare for entry to a prestigious University. Ales prepares to move to London. Albion beauty was chosen for a reason – there is a modeling Agency with whom she has long worked.

      Recently, however, “Instagram” girls started to shiver in romantic photos with an unknown young man. While many fans are wondering who could heal a broken heart famous heiress, one of her friends of the girl told “Starite” that gentle kisses and languid smiles – just setting and the desire to go to the annoying people who continually interfere in the personal life of Lesja.

      “No boy with her there. Ales now all in work, preparing to move to London, I saw the volume of its work. She has any free minutes, so the boys time to think certainly not, says one of her friends model. – Photos that she posted to Instagram, made for the charity project of Arseniy gabieva. It’s all staged shots”.

      Лесю Кафельникову обвинили в фейковом романе

      By the way, on the day of microblogging Lesya gone really intriguing pictures. Members of the model suggested that so she decided to spite a former lover. But, according to friends of Kafelnikov, 19-year-old Nikita Novikov, who recently arrived in Moscow, now a completely different business and hobby.

      “Nikita Novikov is something! Drinking, blowing balloons, girls going. Recently he sat in the car Diana – daughter of Ziyad Manasir – one of the richest people according to Forbes, in a completely drunken state. Even with three balloons of laughing gas. He then called parents were fighting… Diana put it in your “It”, but, unfortunately, the video from there almost immediately removed” – shared the girl.

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