Надя Ручка назвала истинную причину ухода из «Блестящих» The singer explained the reasons of her dismissal. According to Nadi Pens,at various times, the soloist left the band due to conflicts or grievances to the producers. The artist simply was disappointed in the project to which he devoted 13 years of his life. The young mother wanted to go his own way.
Надя Ручка назвала истинную причину ухода из «Блестящих»

In life Nadi Handle not so long ago there have been major changes. The actress gave birth to long-awaited son and married elect Denis, a meeting which she considers a gift. However, the young mother took a break from the “Brilliant”. As it turned out, not because of motherhood and the desire to engage in personal life. Officially resignation of the popular girl’s team publicly Nadia is not stated, but because her statement was for the fans a real revelation. In recognition of the Handle, its dismissal of a controversial word, the singer was not in conflict with bandmates or producers. However, at some point she clearly realized: to stay in the same place she simply can no longer.

“My pregnancy was the impetus, but there was something else… I am a person who believes in invisible things, intangible or esoteric properties. When he begins to blow the wind of change that’s the wind moving in the stream. The shows are my biggest joy what I do since childhood. But at one point I realized that not grow out of thirteen years in the group three years just standing on the spot,” Frank told the star.

While Nadia said that all the previous soloist, leaving the team, as a rule, were disappointed in the leadership or colleagues. Brunette she goes with a sense of gratitude and a desire to make the profession something more significant. The actress is convinced fans will be able to understand and support in the moment when she decides to pursue creative activities.

“Some of the girls had gone from the offense to the producers or to Shine on stage one, without rival, the fees not to share. Each had its own reason – remember Handle. I am not embarrassed teamwork: liked and repertoire, and the girls have always been interesting, especially the last part. But wanted to do something to grow for a solo project and understand that I can offer people and myself.”

By the way, a couple of months ago the darling of the audience continued to work actively within the group, notwithstanding the period of pregnancy. The confessions of Nadia, she had enough strength to remain in service. However, at some point, for objective reasons, she had to stop.

“Gone from the scene in the seventh month, it was just indecent with a big belly to jump to the fun songs and costumes in size did not fit. By the time realized what was ripe in order to say goodbye to “Shiny” and go your own way – said a young mother in an interview to “Caravan of stories”. The group was not one in which I came: from the producers ceased to burn my eyes, no longer born of ideas and not filmed clips with cool operators, makeup artists… Earlier was a completely different world, now I don’t see it. I like when you are working, when it boils”.