Alexander Nezlobin made the actors improvise to twerk

Александр Незлобин заставил актеров импровизации танцевать тверк
The entertainer became the new guest of the popular project.

Will Paul and Alexander Nezlobin

Photo: Press service of TNT

viewers wonder who in the show “Improvisation” harder — guests or
the actors? The exact answer to this question is no, because not only the actors can
to confuse the guest, but guests can add spontaneity and without flash
show. That is exactly what will happen in the new issue of “Improvisation” with Alexander
By nezlobnym.

Looks like
resident of Comedy Club thoroughly preparing for the filming (although he claims
reverse). How else can one explain that in the game “Options” it literally filled up
actors jobs? The sinking Titanic and Shastun-DiCaprio, “50 shades of
Nezlobin”, terrible Comedy and even twerk… Shake is all (laughing
of course)! However, and most Nezlobina will have to get out in the premiere
games of the new season — “Strange restaurant” and “freeze-frame”.

“It was a great game, says
Alexander Nezlobin. — Didn’t feel telephoto, which you got, and you
need someone to build itself from being in an awkward position. It was so,
like we’re going somewhere with friends and played Board games.
I enjoyed it very much. I had fun, guessing, thinking
happening. It was a good shake and workout for the brain in a friendly
of the company. I’m so not prepared because preparing for improvisation
impossible. I just know the rules of the show, so imagine what the situation
to offer the actors to be funny. Everything was spontaneous and
in my opinion, great! I laughed!”