Nadezhda Sysoeva is infuriated by comparisons with RAVENOL Kursovoy

Надежда Сысоева в ярости от сравнений с Равшаной Курковой Participant Comedy Woman was asked to stop associating it with the former beloved Ilya Bachurina. Nadezhda Sysoeva outraged by such discussions. Among those who supported a young woman, turned TV presenter Olga Buzova.

Participant Comedy Woman Nadezhda Sysoeva happy in a relationship with producer Ilya state planning Committee Bachurin. Figures of show-business is not hiding his affair from the public, and regularly go out together. They recently appeared at the closing ceremony on the 28-th festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi, which was attended by many celebrities, including ex-lover of Director General of “Glavkino” Ravshan Kurkova. Of course, some began to compare the two chosen Bachurina. In the comments to the photo Sysoeva in Instagram discussion.

After reviewing the opinion of the subscribers, Hope hurried to clarify the situation. Star Comedy show hinted that she was tired from the constant comparisons with RAVENOL Kursovoy. Sysoeva urged Internet users to stop to engage in such discussions.

“I beg of you! What is a primitive?! You can stop doing it? Stop trying to compare! Patience is exhausted,” shared a young woman, accompanied by her post hashtags “hesitated”, “how can” and “comments haters”.

Fans Hope supported her and advised not to pay attention to the speculation envious. “Everyone in the garden look lovely”, “Pretty woman”, “Be above it! Don’t worry and don’t answer”, “What kind of nonsense – why compare with RAVENOL Kursovoy? They are very different… the Hope, drive, happiness to you unearthly”, “there will Always be something to say… Even ordinary mortals are discussing behind”, “Cool”, “People, calm down, you cares who lives?”, “Do not read. The wave is inevitable. It should either skip or “ride”. So enjoy and bask in your feelings,” wrote the followers Sysoeva.

It is worth noting that among those who stood up for the participant of the popular project, turned TV presenter Olga Buzova. “With whom you can compare? You have such a one” – she wrote in the comments to the post Sysoeva.

Add that ravshana Kurkova and Ilya Bachurin broke up in may last year after four years of relationship. In July it became known that the producer had an affair with the participant Comedy Woman Nadezhda Sysoeva. “StarHit” first wrote about the new craze redirector of the company. At first the lovers chose not to advertise their relationship and was Dating only late in the evening or at night. Over time, however, Bachurin and Sysoev started appearing together at social events.