The case of the dead in the accident “drunken” boy took a new twist

Дело о погибшем в ДТП «пьяном» мальчике приняло новый поворот The investigative Committee understands the situation that occurred on April 23. 31-the summer inhabitant of Balashikha knocked down a child. The coroner found the boy’s blood alcohol. Member of Council of Federation Elena Mizulina called the events a chaos and absurdity.
Дело о погибшем в ДТП «пьяном» мальчике приняло новый поворот

Police continue to investigate the incident that occurred on April 23 in Balashikha. 31-the summer inhabitant of Moscow suburbs Olga beneficial, driving a car, violated traffic rules and hit a six-year-old Alex Shimko. From the received traumas the child died on the spot. It is reported that the car dragged him about 10 metres before settling.

Experts found that blood Alyosha alcohol was detected, the dose of which was 2.7 ppm. According to some, the family of the deceased has demanded a re-analysis. Relatives of the child claimed that witnesses were pressured, and the case has not been instituted for about a month. On the eve it became known about the new examination. The child’s body exhumed to verify the correctness of the data.

The incident in Balashikha caused a wide resonance in the society. People don’t believe that the boy’s blood could be detected almost fatal for this age, the dose of alcohol. The investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case under article negligence against the forensic experts, who found the child drunk. The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Elena Mizulina noted that supervises the investigation.

“I will monitor the situation. All that is happening now before our eyes — complete chaos and absurdity. I do not believe that the child could be drunk. And how it affects a proven fact that hitting a child? It turns out that a drunk can knock down?” – the politician said.
Дело о погибшем в ДТП «пьяном» мальчике приняло новый поворот

Visit Mizulina in the social network there are new details about the accident. As reported by the media, expert Mikhail Kleimenov, which is found in the blood of six-year-old Alyosha Shimko 2.7 ppm of alcohol, examination is not conducted.

Дело о погибшем в ДТП «пьяном» мальчике приняло новый поворот“As they say, no more questions. Just signed. Approved the conclusion of a “drunken” baby did not conduct the examination,” responded Elena Borisovna on the information.

On one of the portals published an Internet petition, which has already been signed by over four thousand people. “Conscience lost everyone who had anything to do with accusing a child of six”, “I Have a son. And I’m scared to be in this family, accounting violations of traffic rules and organization of fraud examination require real time for the driver”, “I Sympathize with the family of the deceased Alyosha, a terrible tragedy. Hopefully beneficial and those who helped her, will answer for their crimes”, – wrote in comments to the document.

The Network runs various information about the culprit of the accident. Some call Olga the wife of a businessman, which influential people will help you to remain unpunished. According to others, her husband is serving a sentence in prison. Media reported that the husband of the violator SDA was a local gang, whose members killed, raped and kidnapped people and hunted racketeering and robberies. Olga’s friends say that the man went to jail in 20 years. According to them, beneficial works in the cellular interior and is raising a child.