Надежда Сысоева критикует коллег Star Comedy Woman” discusses the failed images of celebrities. But if others condemned her appearance, she can in ten 10 minutes to change five images and quickly fix the problem.

      Надежда Сысоева критикует коллег

      After Nadezhda Sysoeva at the end of April started the show “Fashion police,” the girl began to devote more time to appearance. Artist, gained popularity thanks to the project “Comedy Woman”, says that at the moment most things in her wardrobe black color, although she usually prefers bright items of clothing. Leading can color your look with bright accessory, such as a bright blue backpack.

      “I usually bring clothes from abroad. Or buy in some showrooms. I have not the whole closet in the brand, just accessories. It is definitely shoes, handbags, sunglasses. I like to combine sneakers and dresses, or put together short shorts and boots. It is an error, when shoes are too fit to the dress”, – told about his manner of dress Hope.

      According to Sysoeva, if others condemned her appearance, she can in ten 10 minutes to change five images and quickly fix the problem. “It’s important for me that my girls think of “Comedy Woman”, – said the girl.

      Надежда Сысоева критикует коллег

      Along with Sysoeva show “Fashion police” lead stylist Ivan Vasiliev and model Danila Polyakov. The program is dedicated to bad images of celebrities. Three masterful fashion expert criticized the appearance of the colleagues from the show business and also offer to wear the star in accordance with the latest fashion trends of the season.

      “We thought that must be the guardians who ensure that people were well clothed, – says Ivan Vasiliev “StarHit”. – Give yourself a reason to discuss them. For example, our favorite Nikolay Baskov appeared on stage in the costume of the white tiger. Many did not appreciate his joke, and I thought she’s cool!”

      Hosts of the show are serious about fashion and carefully follow the pages of celebrities in social networks and news reports in the gossip columns. “Stars seek the services of the stylists who aim to demonstrate the high cost of the outfit and not make them beautiful,” says Danila Polyakov.

      In addition, the experts do not disregard the style of Hollywood celebrities. Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Tom cruise and many others stanovyatsa object of criticism on the program “fashion Police”. The originality of the show that bystanders also share my opinion on what to wear.

      “Thanks to the work in this show, I treat criticism calmly. Love to laugh at themselves. Even in “Comedy Woman” we always do something together. We only help ourselves, we in the plus, when we look fashionable, stylish and beautiful. We are all on the show ladies! But especially me, Katya Barnabas, Natasha, Arikan and Maria Kravchenko. We have this foursome, always up to date with all fashion innovations”, – said Sysoev.

      “Fashion police” airs on the channel STS Love every Sunday at 21:00.

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