70-летний отец Стаса Костюшкина похвастался молодой женой Mikhail Kostyushkin and his 30-year-old wife plan on having kids. Saxophonist believes that the age difference does not prevent him to build a harmonious relationship with his wife. After the wedding, his life changed completely.

      70-летний отец Стаса Костюшкина похвастался молодой женой

      The father of the famous musician Stas Kostushkin Michael smote all the relatives that got married to a girl who is younger than his 40 years. Despite the age difference, many say that the couple looks very harmonious. The saxophonist is very proud of his young wife. He enjoys his family life and also noted that in intimate terms his wife are satisfied. Michael also does not preclude the arrival of their General heirs.

      “This is Oli from depends. I’m happy, that’s fine. If it comes, for me it would be a way out. What do a man need a woman, music and baby. The rest is all done,” said the Kostyushkin.

      Four years Michael was courting a young girl every day, went on dates, despite his advanced age. But he knew that all efforts were not in vain, after all relationships require total commitment, patience and understanding. The bride’s parents cried with happiness when she learned that her daughter is getting married. After all, for Olga it was the first marriage and for her lover – the third. Impressive age difference does not prevent the relationship of the couple.

      “I can say that it all depends on how you will retain. If you are young inside, and I know that will not disappoint in every sense, you can go for it safely. Then, I spent my whole life trying to preserve itself. This is the credo of my life that don’t need to waste yourself. My uncle always told me: “don’t waste yourself”. Meant — not to worry,” admitted the 70-year-old musician.

      70-летний отец Стаса Костюшкина похвастался молодой женой

      After the wedding, Michael’s life has completely changed. He felt elated. He had a creative inspiration, he may spend a lot of time at rehearsals. Also spouse can easily solve many of the issues which previously had to take care of the saxophonist. And with Stas Kostyushkin Olga met after the wedding, when the artist came on the anniversary of his dad.

      “For Stas, it was a pleasant surprise. The life that I had before our wedding, he was not impressed. It was my quest of itself, is not always positive. We rarely communicate with his son. About the wedding he found out after the fact that it happened,” admitted Mikhail Kostyushkin in an interview with LifeNews.

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