Барбара Брыльска о юбилее: «Это не праздник, а похороны» On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the actress needed the help of the nurse. Barbara Brylska admitted that it brings health, and deal with Affairs independently her harder. To celebrate the anniversary, the actress has no plans and generally believes that every year seemed to her an abyss.

      Барбара Брыльска о юбилее: «Это не праздник, а похороны»

      Anniversary star of the film “Irony of fate or With light steam!” will celebrate on June 5. On the eve of the “StarHit” called Barbara Brylska and learned how she plans to spend the day. It turned out that she left her apartment in

      Warsaw and for several weeks lived in the country in Golczewo is 80 kilometers from the capital and just an hour’s drive from her. Nature, as usual, the actress will spend the whole summer.

      “I won’t fix anything, because the 75th anniversary is not a celebration and funerals – shared Brylska. – You know, at that age every year as the abyss! Come to congratulate the son of Ludwig with the daughter-in-law Alexandra. Maybe someone of her friends will drop by, if you remember about this day. But to specifically call anyone I will not. Now the main thing for me is health. Years make themselves felt. I recently broke sciatica. It became difficult to do everything as fast as before. Had to hire a woman who takes care of me. She comes several times a week, lives nearby with his family.”
      Барбара Брыльска о юбилее: «Это не праздник, а похороны»

      The Barbara lives in a small one-story house, it was built forty years ago when she purchased a plot. There are no amenities in the yard. But Brylska refers to it with humor – for example, one time on the toilet is a fun announcement: “we apologize for the inconvenience but if you briefly hold your breath, you in return will be able to enjoy not drain the water off”.

      Near the house a small vegetable garden, where the actress grow dill, parsley, tomatoes and cucumbers. But her favorite activity is to go for mushrooms. She collects them, salts, dries and distributes to friends.

      “What I would ask for your birthday? A cure for the age – says Barbara.
      Барбара Брыльска о юбилее: «Это не праздник, а похороны»

      33-year-old son Ludwig Brylska still calls the cute dude and always tries to help him. He has his own business – a small car, but so far things are not going very smoothly. A few years ago, Barbara gave Ludwig and his wife Sasha most of the money to buy an apartment.

      “Why make kids wait for his own death and inheritance? – says the artist. – Ludwig had two sons – one two years, the second six. Sometimes they bring me to they breathed clean air. I really like country life. Here I don’t wear makeup and go as a hippie. I no longer needed”.

      However, those who had long known the actress, recognized – it is disingenuous. “If you said that dressed in horrible, do not believe, – has shared with “StarHit” Svetlana Kryuchkova, Brylska played together in the play “Quartet”. – She carefully watching their wardrobe. Because it looks great even in everyday life.

      Барбара Брыльска о юбилее: «Это не праздник, а похороны»

      She is still calling – offer to star in movies, but Barbara refuses. One of the last works of the actress – the role of the fairies in the tale “the Mystery of the four princesses” Director Oleg Shtrom in 2014. She agreed to the role only because of the filming took place in the Czech Republic, where the Polish hand.

      “Barbara and both Gemini zodiac sign, see each other from afar, so that communication happened at once, – has shared with “StarHit” Strom. – Have something interesting to say congratulations. Because Brylska great sense of humor. On the set as props we had real caviar. Barbara stared at her and said, “how much is This worth? This is not normal! Very expensive so go to the toilet”.

      Unfortunately, in the near future in Russia the actress will not come – this year, ended visa, and to do no new forces, the age is not the same.

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