Александр Стриженов не разрешает младшей дочери выходить замуж Recently it became known that 15-year-old Alexandra affair with 18-year-old boy Anton Curiculum. Together they celebrated his birthday at the club, and she was present at the final bell at the school of the beloved. Sasha’s father is watching these relationships, but finds that his daughter is still a child.

      Александр Стриженов не разрешает младшей дочери выходить замуж

      Director and TV presenter Alexander Strizhenov always worried about their children. The younger daughter of actor Sasha finishes the ninth class. The girl will determine the future profession, but first you need to finish school. According to Alexander, the childhood of the young heiress wanted to follow in their footsteps and be an actress. Gusman pays attention to the education of the daughter and control who he is talking to Sasha.

      “Now we focus on mathematics and Economics. But I am advocating that Sasha has achieved a major profession, leaving creativity as a hobby”, – said the Director. Heir to the stars movie also working in the Studio of Miguel “PRO dances”. Sasha had shown pictures of the perfect twine on their pages in social networks.

      Александр Стриженов не разрешает младшей дочери выходить замуж

      At the moment Alexander Strizhenova’s Dating 18-year-old boy Anton Curiculum. She loves your man. In may, the girl celebrated the birthday of the beloved in the club with his friends, and went to Anton on the last bell in school. At the age Churikova Sasha gave him a film with greetings from their mutual friends. The young man appreciated the creative gift girls.

      “He calls me “kid”. Making big plans for our future together. And said that our house will always laugh at kids,” wrote Sasha on beloved on his page. Alexandra Pope, is carefully monitored, he meets the daughter, is not going to marry her soon.

      “She’s only 15 years, what wedding? Even thought these not. There is a young man who takes care of her, but yet it’s all part of friendship. The rest – fiction of the press. Sasha I was escorted everywhere, keep my finger on the pulse, worried,” – said Alexander Strizhenov.

      By the way, the Director recalls that he was also worried about my daughter, Anastasia, when she introduced the family to her future husband Peter. The choice of the successor of the older Strizhenov approved almost immediately: the father saw the touching relationship Nastia Petit. “I admire them, such a sweet couple, complement each other and develop”, – said Alexander in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.

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