Галина Юдашкина впервые заговорила о трудностях материнства Wife of Peter Maksakova became a mother in early April. The boy was named Anatoly. The son of Yudashkina grows quiet child, never cries for no reason. However, Galina argues that faced with some problems in the first months after birth Felts.

      Галина Юдашкина впервые заговорила о трудностях материнства

      Galina Yudashkin very soon will celebrate two months of his son, Anatoly, who was born in April in a clinic in new York. A young mother admits that with the birth of their child life with her husband Peter Maklakovym has changed dramatically. However, despite some difficulties, Yudashkin happy, and doted in the heir.

      “We with Peter trying to adjust the child into our lives, not our under his. If we’re going to the restaurant for a walk or to visit friends, always take it with you to have it from the cradle was open to the world and each day learned something new,” – said Galina.
      Галина Юдашкина впервые заговорила о трудностях материнства

      Anatoly little from birth accustomed to crowded places. When he was a few days, the whole family made a long flight from USA to Russia. Yudashkin was lucky: the baby never cries for no reason and not crying. Marina Yudashkin for the first time about her grandson: “the Boy is very well mannered and calm.”

      Galina hired a nanny to help her cope with the child. Also in the upbringing of his son to actively participate Valentin and Marina Yudashkin. According to the young mom, grandpa and grandma Felts love to walk with him, to give the baby gifts and even change diapers. The boy is still asleep together with Galina, but soon it’ll be put in a separate cot.

      “I Tole myself to get up at night and feed him on a schedule every three hours” – said Yudashkin about the difficulties faced in the first months of motherhood.
      Галина Юдашкина впервые заговорила о трудностях материнства

      According to Yudashkina, while the son is very similar to Peter’s, but friends and acquaintances of the family see the baby and her features. Maksakov was very attentive father who supports his wife. “I am one of those girls who because of one child’s sneeze turned the house upside down and immediately call all friends experts. In this respect Peter even more restless than I have” – said Yudashkin in an interview with HELLO!.

      Soon Peter and Galina are planning to baptize her son. The ceremony will be held in the same Church where the wedding couple. While young parents choose godparents for Anatolia, so the exact date of the ordinances is not known.

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