Александр Задойнов намекнул на интим с Элиной Камирен Ex-participant of “House-2” admitted that they continue to sleep in the same bed. When a man arrives to see her daughter, he stays at his former sweetheart. Zadoinov Alexander gave to understand that it is difficult to resist such a gorgeous woman like Elina, Kamiren, but to disclose the details of such meetings, he did not intend.

      Александр Задойнов намекнул на интим с Элиной Камирен

      Scandalous parting Kamiren, Elina and Alexander Zadoinov recently actively discussed in the Network. Then eks-participants “Houses-2” stopped all the talk about the ongoing fighting, proving that they continue to communicate well after the break. Zadoinov regularly comes from Yaroslavl to Moscow to see my daughter, and Cameran spends time with them, addressing issues relating to the child. Over time, the former lover was able to forget old grudges, to continue the dialogue in this format, which is only a positive impact on little Sasha. However, as it turned out, the former participants of the reality show after parting became each other even closer than many might think.

      In an interview with reporters Alexander Zadoinov said that arriving in Moscow, he remains in the apartment where they live with a child Elina. When this young man and his former lover traditionally fall asleep together. “I believe that it is our shared apartment. We even sleep in the same bed, and daughter – in-the-middle – openly stated Zadoinov.

      How not to go crazy with the baby: experiences Podolsky, Chekhova and Cameren

      Thus, Alexander hinted that his current relationship with the mother of the child there is a place of intimacy. A former resident of telestroke did not open the intimate details, but made it clear that it is difficult to resist, Kamiren even now.

      Александр Задойнов намекнул на интим с Элиной Камирен“Elinka very, very sexy woman: beautiful, graceful. Perfect! To resist not just difficult – impossible! – admitted Zadoinov. – More on “House-2″ I shudder, when she, like Fox, started sneaking around. In this regard, Elina, of course, awesome. And I know what you want to ask, but I will not answer – worthless intimate topics to discuss here. I will say one thing: we are all human”.

      I must say, on the part of young parents still look like a happy couple. It is enough to observe how they conduct a conversation at a distance, as turning to each other. However, according to Alexander Zadoinov, it says only that they managed to pull myself together, to continue to have the opportunity in the world and without mutual claims to educate the General’s daughter. “Perhaps it was necessary to part, to improve relations, – the man told the magazine “the House-2”. – This is our way is difficult, but our. That is, even now, when talking with Elina, always heard the words “native”, “native”, “honey”. We are native to each other people, but live together can not, alas.” Elina, Kamiren for the first time about breaking up with someone: “He just left”

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