Звезда «Универа» Стас Ярушин пострадал на съемках The actor, who became famous thanks to the role of Anton Martynov, has released a video for one of the songs from the debut album. The video for the song “this” was filmed in the deserted workshops of the plant ZIL.

      Звезда «Универа» Стас Ярушин пострадал на съемках

      Stas Yarushin began a new phase in his career: he released his debut album and shot a video for the title track “like this”. Work on the video for a romantic song turned into a dangerous incident. When Stas first saw the location – an abandoned factory shop ZIL – with humor noted that the place looks like stills from the movie “I am legend”.

      “It seems that with the arrival of darkness from all cracks crept those creatures, so I hope we to night won’t be here long”, – was mystics artist, being in good spirits.

      But when it started getting dark, it became beyond a joke. During the filming one of the episodes of the life and health of Stas threatened real danger. In the story the actor followed in the dark for the elusive glowing microphone on the balance of construction debris, when suddenly the boards under his feet cracked and he fell into one of the hatches, which for some reason was present in the room on the first floor level. At the time of the fall near the artist was empty, as the crew was at a distance, so as not to get into the frame.

      Звезда «Универа» Стас Ярушин пострадал на съемках

      Fortunately, the actor was able to navigate in time and grab the wooden beams lying around, which saved him from tragedy. From the incident Stas lightly: bruises, abrasions, soiled suit, and numerous splinters in the hands. Fortunately, it remained to only shoot closeups, so spoiled suit was not the cause of the interruption of the shooting process, but the splinters on his hands the actor even picked out the rest of the evening.

      “We filmed all day in the shop, and everything was fine. I don’t have time to recover, when the floor is literally gone from under his feet, – said Stas “StarHit”. – Then we have not been able to determine the depth of the hatch and where it leads. But looked real as in the movies of terror.”
      Звезда «Универа» Стас Ярушин пострадал на съемках

      His musical creativity Stas is going their fans are used to seeing him in the role of Anton Martynov, in the best sense of the word “break”, promising, that now it will be possible to learn a very different side.

      “Once I played one of the roles in the clip, Dominic Joker, another was a video about the city of Chelyabinsk. But it was acting, where there was a feeling that you’re on a platform of some movie. And here is my own project, to which I went so long, since 13 years,” says the artist.

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