Надежда Бабкина: «Бабушка я никакая, но внуки любят»

– There are people who go to work, meet his quota and go home. They have weekends, vacations, holidays. And I don’t have that. The ensemble “Russian song” – the coeval of my son Daniel, he in January was 41 years, and the team is now the anniversary – 40 years. It is a living organism with which you, as a child, worn. He also needs affection, love, and sometimes in severity. The tenth generation of artists release as Chicks from the nest. So when you ask: “What is more important – family or theater?”, can’t answer that.

Granddaughter – a girl with a twinkle

God gave me only one child. But the son now brings to life something that failed his mother. Thanks to him I three times Babkina! When the family of many children, at first afraid that one would be jealous of another, fighting for attention. We all addition to prepared. Talked to George, and then Vera, and that any person who is younger than you, you have to learn discipline, to pay attention to him, to give love, affection, hurt not the baby.

George kicks at times, he’s still a boy. Complains of Faith: “Such a naughty girl grows. Without permission comes to my room, just burst”. Tell him, “Well why don’t you? Your task is to teach her how to behave, you’re senior. What do you argue about?”

Vera was want to cry if my brother doesn’t give her what she had planned. Looking at me, looking for support. Ask: “Why to him we climb, provoke? Don’t, wait a bit, and then come up and take what you need”.

She is a girl with a twinkle. Immediately stops, and then holds out: “gosh, I love you.” And the lightning gives her brother what a second ago was strictly forbidden to touch. Such is their relationship. Not fighting, not jealous of each other, but as a little sister love! Both run up to Martocci, kiss her, Pat on the head. Fondly refer to it.

Don’t leave home without hair

– Built a house and live near their grandchildren. However, they do not pay so much attention as we would like. I feel like such a grandma? No! And not feel such in the classic sense of the word. I am first and foremost a woman. Do not allow yourself to relax and leave the house without hair. Regularly visit beauty salons, massages and a couple of times a year try to escape to rest to fully recover, to freshen up. In my wardrobe there is no ugly outfits. They should not be none. When you like yourself in the mirror, the world turns to you too. Men and women look after.

Do I compliment? Of course! Of course, the most pleasant words are from Eugene. He never misses a chance to say that I look great. That’s the grandmother. Pies do not bake, do not sit in place, but the grandchildren love me very much. Sometimes, when I go to the city, exhausted, wants to go, sit on the couch and topnote in it. Is my car to sound in the courtyard as the doors open, run George, Vera and shout “Nadia, we’ve missed you!” The plan to collapse immediately cancelled, starts all sorts of vanity. They to my arrival prepare. George often goes to meet them in a suit and tie, patent leather shoes. And Verochka – direct this girl-fashionista. Carries dresses, skirts, braids yourself braids, bows do. And grandson, and granddaughter calls me Nadia. Know that I am their grandmother. But Faith is a habit George took over so that Nadia, and that’s it.

Our smallest – Mahuta, if a long time do not communicate, wean. The first seconds of curious staring at. Then starts Flirty flirt at the hands of the mother – I the palm stretch, it seems to be a body is to me, and then again and back. My jewelry is very interested in her. Always wear large beads and earrings. Small on I just get lost. Martochka them touching, exploring. We have a special relationship: she touches her forehead to mine and then nose to nose and freezes in this posture. At this point, she and some energy exchange is going. Amazing feeling. She doesn’t go, no hurry, apparently. I think realize that it will bring, will do everything, and yet satisfied with this impressive lifestyle.

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