Anastasia Vinokur explained how back its former shape

Анастасия Винокур объяснила, как вернула былую форму During pregnancy the ballerina gained 12 pounds. Anastasia Vinokur very quickly lost weight. Artist of the Bolshoi theatre does not hide that helped her to lose weight.

      Анастасия Винокур объяснила, как вернула былую форму

      In early December, the daughter of the famous humorist Vladimir Vinokur Anastasia became a mother for the first time. Ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre was not afraid to interrupt a brilliant career for the sake of family happiness. The waiting time for child’s fragile Anastasia noticeably gained weight.

      “I say this for the first time, but during pregnancy I gained 10 to 12 pounds, which in principle was good. When I gave birth, the first thing I went to be weighed on the second day. Took only four kilograms, and I was very upset, because I thought that once everything is gone. Then for two weeks everything was gone,” Anastasia admitted.

      Winokur admits that the secret of this quick weight loss was very simple – she was constantly busy with the cares of a newborn baby Fedor. Perhaps this helped Anastasia to get in shape for that short period of time. “I nursed the baby, and breastfeeding is meant by a proper diet. She was up nights, while physical activity no, I do gymnastics on the floor and walk with a stroller for two or three hours”, – said the ballerina.

      But not so long ago Anastasia showed fans a lessons on the street simulator. Despite the cold, a young mother began to do some exercises on the street. What caused the excitement among the fans.

      Anastasia now fully immersed in the upbringing of the child. With the advent of Theodore in the family life of Anastasia completely changed. According to her, she and many cope by herself and in no hurry to hire a nanny for your child. Furthermore, close living with her are her parents, who are happy to help a young mother. However, winokur’s serious about not to stay on maternity leave for a long time. In September she intends to return to the stage of the Bolshoi theatre. But now Anastasia getting a little exercise. Winter winokur published a picture where she’s standing at the bench at the cottage.

      “The news about the pregnancy was a surprise to me, although I was preparing myself, on tour in Hong Kong. Until the third month I have managed to continue to dance, but because it’s insanely long-awaited child, I reached the end of the season and went on maternity leave,” recalled a ballerina in an interview with Elysee.

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