Лолита Милявская призналась, что изменяла мужьям

Lolita was married many times, but each time, married on the big and pure love, could not refrain from adultery. About it the actress said in a recent interview with TV guide.

The singer is sure that in the world there are people who do not change their partners.
“Well I don’t know these people who were not on walkabout! Someone maybe in 80 years to walk. I walked through life … I cheated, cheated on me..” — she said.
Of course, anticipating the question, IBA immediately admitted that in this marriage she is clean as a whistle. His enthusiasm she is already diminished, because “his was done”. Now, she’s faithful to her husband Dmitry Ivanov, who is younger than her twelve years.
We will remind that Dmitry, the confessions of Lolita, has repeatedly raised the issue of the child, but the singer does not want even to think – due to constant touring and gigs, she will not be able to pay the kid much attention, and “to give birth to nanny,” she does not agree, do not agree to artificial insemination. Lolita is confident that IVF entails cancer, and cites the example of Jeanne Friske.

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