Nadezhda Babkina buys jewelry for granddaughters

Надежда Бабкина покупает драгоценности для внучек The singer does not spend money on jewelry for himself and his heirs. Karen Cox admitted that if she likes jewelry, it is for the price. Special weakness star feeds to major ornaments studded with stones.

      Надежда Бабкина покупает драгоценности для внучек

      Singer Nadezhda Babkina is known for his touching attitude to the family. The Queen of Russian song grows one grandson and two granddaughters, whom she thinks the world of the soul. Stellar Granny in employment rarely sees his heirs, but as soon as she has free time, willing to devote himself completely to six-year-old George and three-year Faith year-old Martha. And of course, it spoils the grandchildren. Girls star Granny gives expensive jewelry. Granddaughter of Nadezhda Babkina increasing the copy

      In interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” Nadezhda Babkina said that for the average granddaughter Faith chose a brooch studded with precious stones, at a recent jewellery exhibition of the fashion historian “Eternal values”.

      “For a granddaughter I’d like some honey history, – said the singer. – She’s a sweet girl, born in the Honey Spas”.

      Nadezhda Babkina and loves to wear jewelry and admits that if it is something very like it, for a price, it does not stand up. “As necessary, and as you pull on decorations. I do not mind. I am a woman, like all beautiful – says Babkin. – I’m not the Queen, not the Queen, not the Baroness. I’m a farmer, I earned it all. I will put all the best at once! You know? This is my theme”.

      Singer 66 now long time could rest on its laurels. But she is touring, a theater major, is the transfer of “Fashionable sentence” on the First channel and produces a line of clothes for curvy women. Nadezhda Babkina sure jewelry is the best investment. Every year they are all more expensive, and will have something to leave our grandchildren a legacy.

      About love stars the jewels knows her friend Alexander Vassiliev. He confirmed that Nadezhda Babkina change the decorations several times a day. “Hope loves big jewelry, she like corals, pearls, amethyst. This day, – said Vasilyev. – And in the evenings she wears the most precious stones”. “I love diamonds and sapphires”, – said Nadezhda Babkina.

      By the way, at the exhibition Vasilyeva exactly Babkina became the Champions for the shopping, she purchased six sets of jewelry. Some of them, the singer intends to give away to your loved ones.

      “That’s unexpectedly invited to a birthday party. And I have – again – and already present.”, – said Nadezhda Babkina.