The star of the reality show nanny Abramson changed the father of her child

Звезда реалити-шоу Тата Абрамсон изменила отцу своего ребенка The pregnant participant of the project concealed the relationship with the editor program. Despite the fact that Abramson had betrayed his mate, he still managed to forgive her and even got down the aisle. By the way, the employee of the “House-2”, sacratissimo novel proprietary girl was fired.

      Звезда реалити-шоу Тата Абрамсон изменила отцу своего ребенка

      Tattoo Abramson and Valeria Blumenkranz is considered one of the strongest pairs of the project, despite endless scandals. Recently it became clear that the girl was pregnant. However, there is one thing. “StarHit” learned the true cause of the fights couples: nanny had an affair on the side. And stepped on the same rake as many other participants, came together with fellow TV show – show editor Alexei.

      “After the divorce, Alex began to seek solace and support from others to give it – says “StarHit” his friend Dmitry. – He always liked Abramson. But he checked her status almost married girls. Still, Lech decided to take a chance and started to flirt with the blonde. After another argument with Blumenkranz Alex took advantage of the situation and invited Tattoo to his hardware. From the room was heard the cry: “nobody wants me on the show!” The girl shouted about leaving… in a few days, Valera came from Alexey message with the words: “You are not worthy of it, leave the project for good, otherwise you’re screwed”.
      Звезда реалити-шоу Тата Абрамсон изменила отцу своего ребенка

      Responsibility at first did not understand what was happening. And then Tate had to confess in intimate connection with the editor. Alexei dismissed”.

      By the way, Valery was able to forgive favorite and even got her down the aisle. The other day in one of the esters showed how Responsibility asks the hand of his beloved. However, a man without the usual attributes of such events – there were no rings, no flowers. In a peculiar manner, Valery said that he and Tata it’s time to think about the wedding. The scandalous darling of the party agreed, and has endowed the beloved with a kiss.