Myths and facts associated with wearing contact lenses

Мифы и факты связанные с ношением контактных линз

Not uncommon in people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer or love to read books, there are problems with vision. The doctor prescribes glasses. But not everyone welcomes this appointment with great joy. Many girls categorically refuse to wear glasses, because such a device for the eye not fit into another outfit and overall style. But eye health is much more important than colourful clothes. Fashionistas and people who just don’t like glasses, you can look in the opticians and Moscow to find suitable lenses. They are not visible to the eye, they do not interfere with its design and practical in use. Is not the first contact lenses sold in the Russian market. On the Internet you can deduct a lot of myths and facts associated with wearing contact lenses, about which is written in this article.

Comfortable whether contact lenses?

The first question raised by future owners contact lenses is “how do contact lenses?”. Over time, the technology development of the lens is sufficiently improved. With the help of modern technology, contact lenses are made soft and thin. With high-quality materials, they do not feel when wearing and does not interfere with the natural movements of the eyeball. They are very flexible and adjust to the curves of the eyeball. Contact lenses for a long time, stay hydrated and allow you to get the eye enough oxygen.

Is it possible to damage the mucous membranes of the eyes when dressing lenses?

Because of this, many are worried, because the damaging of the eye, and you completely lose vision. This fear even has a special name “paraphobia”, which stands for “fear of touching eyes. But before you start to use contact lenses, you must pass a 15-minute training with an ophthalmologist. It will also help you choose contact lenses. Using the guide of an experienced doctor, you will be able to wear the lenses without damaging the eye.

Infectious diseases of the eye

Of course, this risk exists. But that hadn’t happened, you need to follow these guidelines:

  • To change lenses using prescribed time;
  • To adhere to hygiene;
  • To use lenses correctly, etc.

If they are to fulfil mandatory, it is possible not to be afraid of Contracting infectious diseases.

Can wear lenses children and the elderly?

Scientists have proved that you can wear lenses despite the age. For example, many teenagers are starting to wear already 13 years. If the elderly there are some limitations to lens wear, they are not associated with their age.