Junket tour – a new dimension of relaxation with a gambling component

Джанкет тур – новое измерение отдыха с азартной составляющей

Junket tour is professionally planned vacation in the casino, which includes not only gambling, but also a comfortable Shuttle service, elegant accommodation, meals and even tours. Some of the tours, the casino may even include Spa visits and beauty treatments.
Today, there are hundreds of different junket tours in all gambling zones of our planet. Although there was such a fun few decades ago and is popular in USA and Europe, it became widespread just a few years ago.

Джанкет тур – новое измерение отдыха с азартной составляющей

A huge plus junket is that everything is included in the tour, and the player does not have to worry about any aspects of the holiday. You can completely surrender to the game and entertainment, while enjoying a vacation in a beautiful place, taking a trip and doing massages. You do not need to spend a penny on top of the amount paid under the contract.
On the territory of the former Soviet republics are operating in several countries in designated recreational areas. You can enjoy a gambling vacation in Russia, Baltic countries, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia and Armenia. For example, on the website playshangrila.com conveniently to learn more about the conditions junket casino network “Shangri-La” in Minsk, Yerevan or Tbilisi.

Contract junket tour

Anything that gets a player during the tour of the casino, necessarily prescribed in the contract. This document accurately describes the type of transfer, location, format, food and all provided by the organizer services.
But also in the contract prescribe requirements for the traveler. Since we are talking about a visit to a casino, prescribe rules for visiting, interest rates and other aspects that allow a gambling house to do the organization of junket tours break even.

Джанкет тур – новое измерение отдыха с азартной составляющей

Essentially a tour of the casino is a full-fledged tourist tour on the program “all inclusive”, but with much more features. Casino today is in the most picturesque areas: the sea and near the mountains. Therefore, choosing a gambling vacation, it is easy to turn even in the sea, in the active or in the tour.
Do not forget about the financial profitability junket tours. If you buy the plane tickets yourself, hotel reservations and excursions, and simply enjoy the casino, the cost will be at least 2 times and often 3 times. Even play roulette online live dealer online can be more expensive than a game of roulette during junket. This is due to the fact that the tour participants are available more favorable terms of purchase of chips.

Who pays for the road?

Road guest the casino default are paid by the organizer. Only if the client wants to achieve on its own, the airport will not be included in the contract.

Джанкет тур – новое измерение отдыха с азартной составляющей

No matter how far participants travel tour go from gambling establishments, the road will be covered by the organizers. If you have an international flight, you will even choose the most convenient flight from suggested. While at the airport guests will be met by car and taken to the place of residence.
Short junket tours, weekend tours, which are players from neighboring cities, often offer travelers a trip on a comfortable bus. If the guest prefers a private transfer that will take him by car and then delivered back.
In European countries and in Japan, where the developed rail network, players are offered travel in solitary compartment.
VIP customers can afford the ultimate luxury, such as helicopter flights. Of course, this happens when an individual formation of the tour and an impressive budget.

Where does the player?

Ensuring guest a comfortable stay during the junket tour is one of the most important conditions. So the casino often brings tourists in their own rooms. If the gaming establishment is small and has no hotels, the apartment is booked in a nearby hotel. Together with the accommodation provided and meals.
VIP is available to guests every whim, for example, renting a luxury penthouse or a country mansion with amenities.

What is written in the contract?

Since the casino provides players with a maximum of luxury and comfort to justify such generosity, instead required to comply with the rules of the game:

  • do play casino: documents indicates a mandatory number of hours that need to be in the halls;
  • to play certain games: the contract can specify the number of bets that need to be done on specific tables or machines;
  • betting within a predetermined range of casino specifies minimum and maximum, which can not be broken;
  • to deliver during the tour a certain amount: it definitely fits into the contract.

In fact the rules of the game in a real casino during the junket tour is the equivalent of wagering in online slots real money in a virtual casino.

The players, for their part, violated the terms of the agreement, the casino requires that you open a Deposit with a mandatory amount of bets on the account. With this account you can play casino. If the guest chooses not to comply with the conditions, the amount will freeze, and at the end of the tour will be written off. Is to protect the institution from fraud, who want a “freebie” to live in luxury and to enjoy free entertainment.
If during the game, got lucky on the Deposit which is to put the winnings. The account can be closed immediately after completion of the tour.

Tours to casino is a relative novelty for our country, a vacation that includes the maximum amount of pleasure. If you are looking for comfort and relaxing, but the thrill is worth to pay attention to the junket.