“Mythbusters” Jamie hyneman for a first visit to Russia

«Разрушитель легенд» Джейми Хайнеман впервые посетит Россию

American special effects specialist, a leading popular science program “Mythbusters” (eng. MythBusters) Discovery channel’s Jamie hyneman was the first to come to Russia. This will take place in the framework of the festival Geek Picnic, which will take place in Moscow on 18-19 June at the Park “Kolomenskoe”.

The theme of the festival Geek Picnic 2016 – “Mythbusters”. It takes place this year with support from the global payment platform PayPal and Discovery Channel. And here’s why.

“Mythbusters” is a fascinating television program on the Discovery channel. It is based on boundless curiosity and tireless quest for knowledge. June 12 at the Discovery Channel kicks off the final season of the show. In honor of the premiere guests of the festival will see a special selection of 25 of the best parts of the program. And Jamie hyneman will give a lecture about his scientific work and shows unique footage from the shooting of the legendary program. In addition, anyone will be able to chat with Jamie in the format of the session of questions and answers.

«Разрушитель легенд» Джейми Хайнеман впервые посетит Россию

“Has my dream come true – I am very happy for the first time to visit mother Russia. I even planned a week-long trip from Beijing to Moscow by train on the TRANS-Siberian railway! Will have to remember your Russian for socializing and lectures. I promise I’ll make it up to the audience’s enjoyment and natural conversation – but I don’t like just “lecture”. I was a bit of a Slavophile, studied Russian language and Russian culture at the University, I read a lot of Russian literature, but that was long ago, and then I moved on to other things – became captain of the ship and headed to “Mythbusters”. But thanks to University, Russia has had a profound effect on me, which to date has not been significant, but now I have an invitation to Geek Picnic. At the festival I will talk about my experience of “Mythbusters” and the engineer is crazy and excited and at the same time – very difficult and dangerous job”.

What else is interesting?

At one site, dozens of professionals in their field will show amazing facts, theories and hypotheses to prove or disprove them, conduct thousands of scientific experiments and research, spectacularly debunked hundreds of myths.

The creators of the festival promise that this is not just interesting, but also a great opportunity to have fun with the whole family: visit the master classes and lectures, test drive area with various gadgets – from virtual reality glasses to neural interfaces, participate in a science show with their children.

“We live in an amazing time of technology, supercorsa, virtual reality and smart things. We hear all this, but still do not enjoy these facilities at full capacity, – says Nikolay burnt, the ideologist of the festival Geek Picnic. – We read about new gadgets, magic drugs, growing organs from stem cells, but often I can’t even imagine the full power of the amazing world of technology. It is high time to abandon old infrastructure 70’s and 80’s, waste of resources, bureaucracy and other “joys” of the last century and go to a new level. We want to live differently, we’re going to Geek Picnic, and to prove that future is now. Three years ago I asked for support for PayPal. They then burned our ideas – and understandably so, they created real geeks – and since then – with us.”

Where: in Moscow, in the Park “Kolomenskoye”

When: June 18-19, 2016

Age limit: 0+, children under 6 years free admission

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