“I tire of sex scenes: Dakota Johnson

«Меня утомляют сцены секса»: Дакота Джонсон

The star of “Fifty shades of grey” admitted that the portion of the work, which is in the filming of explicit scenes, its fatigues.

«Меня утомляют сцены секса»: Дакота Джонсон

26-year-old actress Dakota Johnson (Dakota Johnson), who along with Jamie Dornan (Jamie Dornan) most of the time now spent in Vancouver on the set of the film “fifty shades darker (Fifty Shades Darker) and Fifty shades freed (Fifty Shades Freed), confessed that she was completely distracted from the process when it comes to bed scenes.

Moreover, the sex scenes that look so hot on screen, seem to be Johnson’s “tiresome”. “Well, actually we don’t have sex,” says the actress. But we simulate the sex, and sometimes it lasts for seven hours”.

As for the attitude of her parents Melanie Griffith (Melanie Griffith) and don Johnson (Don Johnson) to the character paintings that made them famous daughter, Dakota says that they have not seen the most explicit moments. “No! God, no. And thank God, — she comments. — But of course they know what is happening there. At the very least, needs to know.”

Recall that the world premiere of the film “fifty shades darker” is scheduled for 9 February 2017.

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