My mother died of Elton John

Умерла мама Элтона Джона

92-year-old mother of Elton John — Sheila Dwight — died 4th Dec. Sad news about Elton announced on his page in instagram.

Умерла мама Элтона Джона

“So sad, my mother passed away this morning. I saw her last Monday and now are in a state of shock. Thank you for everything. I will miss you. Love,” — signed photo of Elton.

As you know, the Eton and his mother in recent years has had tense relations. Sheila rebuked the son of the fact that due to his homosexual he did not give any woman the opportunity to experience the joy of motherhood. In 2015, Sheila gave an interview to the Daily Mail, where he spoke about the relationship with his son. “All this happened because of sheer stupidity. Once Elton called me and told me to break off relations with the friends of his childhood — Bob Halley and John reed, who did not support him when he decided to marry his partner David Furnish, and upon hearing my refusal, scandal. He cried, I got angry, threw him: “You care about your damn boyfriend more than my own mother!” Elton, slamming the handset on the table, said that he hated me. After that he broke up with me all relationships — do not call or write.”

in 2016, the year Elton decided to resume the relationship with her mother. After 8 years apart, they have again started to communicate and build relationships. “Out of respect for the privacy of my mother I have always been reluctant to publicly discuss our relationship. But I can say that after her 90th birthday, we were talking again,” said Elton.

Recall that in the spring, the musician has undergone treatment for a serious illness. British singer sir Elton John having recovered, visited the Cannes film festival, and it was his first release since the discovery of the artist of the deadly disease. We will remind that in April of this year, the British singer has experienced a “threat of deadly disease”, which had contracted during his tour of South America.

As it became known, caught the singer during his recent tour of South America, and during the flight from Santiago, Chile, felt very good. Immediately after the return of the doctor strongly suggested that he go to the hospital as quickly as possible to rid the body of infection.
“After two days in intensive care, Elton had to go home. where he will remain until full recovery. Infection of this type is very rare and can rapidly lead to death. Fortunately, the medical team of Elton worked quickly and successfully treatment. Now he will rest until complete recovery” — stated in the message representative.
Elton also made a statement in which he thanked his “most kind and sympathetic fans” for their support and patience, and apologized for the fact that he was forced to cancel concerts.
John also said a few kind words for their doctors who were able to quickly determine the diagnosis and start treatment.