Yekaterina Andreyeva listens to the advice of daughter

Екатерина Андреева прислушивается к советам дочери The presenter talked about the relationship with Natasha. According to Andreeva, she was very lucky with the heiress, because she never created serious problems. Now Catherine often listens to the only child.

The presenter of the First Channel Ekaterina Andreeva amazes fans with blooming appearance and optimism. The woman herself admits that she can look good, as she regularly goes in for sports and always listens to him. According to Andreeva, should always adequately assess their strength. Catherine practices yoga, Thai Boxing and meditating.

“We are all in constant stress, it causes oxidative processes in the body, and no good it does not. You need to try to come to at least some harmony. Ideally, to reach a state of Zen. For me this is enough to immerse yourself in. Can do it anywhere,” – said Andreev.

The family has always supported the television star, knowing that she has a hard time because the working day sometimes lasts until late at night. According to Catherine, she got lucky with friends. Many years Andreeva happily married to a Serb Dusan Petrovichem. My husband never tells Catherine what to do, and the heiress Natasha helps her mother in different situations. According to the star, she was very lucky with the heiress.

Ekaterina Andreeva has told how the daughter had taken her second husband

“The daughter’s a lot like me. First, genetically. Secondly, Natasha sees my way of life, thinking, reads the same books. And the world is thanks to me exactly the same. We were not with her transition to adulthood. She ran away from home, not distracted, not dyed my hair in orange color, not trying to attract attention because it is attention she always had. And love”, – said Andreev.

35-year-old Natalia is always trying to give mom advice and objectively assess a particular situation.

“Natasha is my counselor. You can ask daughter what she thinks on a particular occasion and know that you will not deceive, will not sugar coat that I liked. And I’m going to see if it matches up with my feelings,” said Catherine.

Building relationships with her husband, Andreev has never tried to obey him, or attempt to alter Dusan for themselves. “We have no slave and master at all. Neither he nor I have never suppressed the individuality of each other. For me marriage it is important that the satellite was soul mate, soul mate. Never tried their own systems to solve due to the pressure on the other person,” said TV presenter in conversation with the magazine “Antenna-Telesem”.