Муж подарил Лорак на день рождения драгоценности

The singer celebrated the birthday together with your loved ones.

Today, September 27 Ani Lorak turned 38 years old. To celebrate his birthday, the singer flew to Greece together with her husband. But contrary to expectations was the first to congratulate the birthday girl, not the Murat, and their 5-year-old daughter Sofia. She recorded on phone video, how to sing a song about mom, and sent the other night.

“Such a touching video, I almost cried – admitted Carolina Woman’s Day. And Murat gave me a pair of diamond earrings. It was a surprise, he chose and, as always, I guess – to me they loved it. We will celebrate the evening in the restaurant. Arrange a romantic dinner for two. And then the last time there were a lot of concerts, work, saw little. And the main gift to myself, which I did – this is my new video for the song “Do you love?”.

Work on the clip was conducted several weeks the singer has repeatedly published on his blog photos from the set, which greatly intrigued the fans. In a new video Lorak will stand in the way of an actress, and filmed love story was so realistic that it feels like you’re watching a Hollywood movie and not a regular music video.

“I am happy that on this day premiere of the video for the song “Do you love?”. Thanks to all the team! Love it!” – announced today Lorak.