Финалист «Голоса» разжигает скандал с участием Александра Панайотова Singing style of the vocalist was called “Ponte”. A colleague and former fellow student Alexander Panayotov Alexander Bon compared the work of the member of the popular musical show over a decade ago now.

      After a wave of rave reviews about the performance of Alexander Panayotov in “the Voice” a singer is criticized. One of the most rigidly expressed about the manner of performance of the singer was his colleague and former classmate Alexander Bon. Interestingly, the artist most recently had to stand in front of the jury in the blind auditions of “the Voice”, so he like no other knows how difficult it is to impress the judges.

      However, Alexander called singing current participant of “the Voice” show-off”. He wrote about this in his microblog in Instagram. Bon remembered the sound Panayotov 13 years ago when he was at the beginning of his career.

      “Was the final “people’s artist”, my list was: Goman – soul, Panayotov – Ponty, Chumakov – balance of souls Ponte. In Short, Chumakov. But since Goman is our Russian guy, Murmansk, objectivity have gone to hell – remember the old days, Alexander. – Why Panayotov – Ponty? Yes, because “supremacy” could be seen not only in the voice of P., but all his behavior. These cool melismas, high notes, he was adorned with all the songs, everything! Take a song, say she will sing P., have in mind you can imagine that Mr. “techie” will show you how to whip up three of these worthless notes in the space.”

      Apparently, Bon was not going to hurt his friend, his arguments had a very playful nature. At the same time, the ex-finalist of “the Voice” was wondering how the vocals will sound Panayotov in December, when the end will approach the new season.

      “Voice-5″. Question – what has changed? Besides that the song is the first need? Alarmed. The basic idea I put down here, it is now necessary to re-read, when it is final in December, it will be the answer,” mysteriously summed up Bon.

      We will remind, last Friday, Alexander Panayotov returned triumphantly in the air. A graduate of the musical project “people’s artist” after several years of silence loudly declared itself and won the hearts of viewers from across the country. The participation of the singer in the anniversary season of “the Voice” evoked vivid emotions of the jury.

      Viewers of the show “the Voice”: “the Victory of panajotovym!”

      For the blind auditions Alexander chose the song “All by myself” Eric Carmen, which became popular performed by Celine Dion. In the middle of the song Grigory Leps, followed by Polina Gagarina, Leonid Agutin and Dima Bilan pressed the red button and turned to the stage. In the end, the singer decided to join the team of Grigory Leps.