Дочь Филиппа Киркорова увлеклась автомобилями Grandpa Alla-Victoria believes that a girl took interest in machines. In addition, the successor of Philip Kirkorov loves to dress up nicely and may become the future star of rhythmic gymnastics.

      Дочь Филиппа Киркорова увлеклась автомобилями

      Philip is raising her daughter Alla-Victoria and son Martin. The king of pop doted to his heirs. Until recently, people’s artist was keeping secret his private life, but now, when the kids are a little older, he enjoys sharing interesting moments of their leisure.

      It is known that children often communicate with her beloved grandfather, Bedros Kirkorov. The father of the famous artist proud of his grandchildren and notes that passion of Alla-Victoria and Martin are the same. After brother girl fell in love with cars.

      “The children had a rest in Bulgaria, and we communicated with them only by phone,” says Bedros. – Sometimes they call me grandpa, sometimes by name. It all depends on the mood! When I communicate with them, they asked each time to give them cars. And Martin and Alla-Victoria. She also loves cars – from Martin contracted”.

      Philip is very happy that his son is very well versed in the art. However, he notes that the daughter, as befits a young lady who loves to dress up and draw. “Martin, we just a fan of the car and disassembled in types and brands, she loves to show me his toy collection in the garage,” said Philip in an interview. Alla-Victoria loves to draw and as a girl, of course, to dress up”.

      It is interesting that in the autumn the singer had planned to send four-year-old Alla-Victoria in artistic gymnastics. And to do with the heir of the king of pop needs the best specialist in this field, has brought up not one Olympic champion, Irina Viner-Usmanova. The athlete coached such stars gymnastics, as Alina Kabaeva, the Laysan Utiasheva, Eugene Kanaeva and many others.

      Daughter of Philip Kirkorov will do artistic gymnastics

      Incidentally, Philip a long time thinking about the sporting future for her daughter. And Viner-Usmanova told him the direction, noticing at one event that the girl is incredibly plastic and can manifest itself in gymnastics. Kirkorov has no doubt that the son will soon be sport for the soul, because the boy grows flexible and agile. In addition, Alla-Victoria and Martin recently tried themselves as models. The children took part in a professional photo shoot.

      “I have wonderful grandchildren. Have become models. But still it is difficult to say at whose feet they will go. This will decide the fate,” concludes grandpa Alla-Victoria and Martin Bedros Kirkorov in an interview with “Interlocutor”.