Золотая осень: 7 бюджетных поездок на машине

Autumn is not the occasion to dig into books. Nicer wrapped in a warm sweater, kicking yellow leaves, walk around the streets and getting cold, warm fragrant mulled wine. The editors of Woman’s Day has prepared a list of cities near Moscow, easily accessible by car and enjoy the colors of autumn.


Distance from Moscow: 408 km

Ples – a tiny provincial town on the Volga river beauty which are the envy of many capital. No wonder people call it “Russian Switzerland”. The views here are just amazing. Some of them, by the way, captured for centuries by the artist Isaac Levitan. Here he wrote his best work.

Why go?

In the first place for a special atmosphere. Narrow streets, fabulous wooden houses, carved architraves and cozy cafes, where for a small money ready to drink sea-buckthorn tea with honey, but also to entertain great conversation, full of amusing details of the life of the city.

What to do?

1. To climb Cathedral mountain. Previously, it was a fortress, but now only preserved ramparts. But, as in the old days, it offers the best view of the Volga and the surrounding area.

2. The Mount Levitan. Say an artist, traveling along the Volga river, looking for places to write essays. Aboard he noticed the old Church on the hill… went Down with the ship. And when you climbed the mountain, it immediately decided to stay in Plyos for a while.

3. The Coffee Shop Of Sophia Kuvshinnikova. The interior of the cafe exactly reproduces entire home salon friend Isaac Levitan Sophia Kuvshinnikova. And this is the only place in town where they cook the favorite cookies of the painter.


Distance from Moscow: 220 km

Suzdal – a city-Museum, which is almost a thousand years (will be in 2024). A concentration of historical and architectural is prohibitive – an average of 17 monuments per square kilometer.

Why go?

Do not think of a better place to relax from the everyday hustle and bustle, a ride on a good three horses (carriage waiting for tourists on every corner) and homemade Mead.

What to do?

1. To visit in Vladimir province of the XVII—XIX centuries, cov. Enough to come to the river Kamenka and Suzdal Kremlin opposite. And to go to the Museum of wooden architecture, where he collected old buildings from around the area and breathed new life into them. In the huts reappeared furnace, utensils, and next grew up the barns with grain, wheel wells and windmills.

2. Stroll through the Shopping area. Here you can find everything from Mead, finishing homework. Often to find very unusual, for example, jam of cucumber.

3. View of Suzdal from the height of bird flight. The city has many viewpoints, but the highest is the bell tower of the rizopolozhensky monastery and the Church of the resurrection.


Distance from Moscow: 115 km

Kolomna is not only beautiful but also “delicious” city. Rumor has it that Catherine the Great was a great lover of Kolomna pastila.

Why go?

In a city with a population of just over 100 thousand people can not only enjoy the atmosphere of antiquity, but just to step back in time. And all thanks to the numerous exhibitions that take place directly in museums.

What to do?

1. Pay a visit to the Museum of vanished taste “Kolomna pastila”. To be on the tea party century eighteenth commercials, to know what agitated the minds of young ladies and enjoy a Cup of tea and marshmallows… nine!

2. The Museum Of Bread”. If sweet treats you do not like, in the “Bread” handing out hot rolls – fresh out of the oven. Tell and show the secret of their preparation.

3. To ride through the streets of the old town on the “Ford” of 1929 – the famous “tin Lizzie.”

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