«Мистер Синтол» Кирилл Терешин встретился со своим кумиром Cyril Tereshin, nicknamed “Hands-Bazooka”, took the example of the Brazilian bodybuilder Romario DOS Santos Alves. The young people met at the filming of “Andrei Malakhov. Live”. The presenter covered this event a new video on its YouTube channel.

Cyril Tereshin from Pyatigorsk continues to gain popularity. A young man injects himself with subcutaneous injections of synthol oil, which increases the muscles. As it turned out, 21-year-old boy took the example from another bodybuilder – Romario DOS Santos Alves, living in Brazil. Popular TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov has devoted the next issue of the video blog on the YouTube channel introducing the fan with his idol.

As it turned out, the men will take part in one of the editions of the “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. TV presenter decided to show what is usually hidden from the eyes of the audience. But followers of his blog, there is a unique opportunity to learn the most interesting details that are left overs.

Now Kirill Tereshin, trying to whatever was to surprise the audience with their appearance. Recently a guy change your hair, cut her hair short and dyed her hair bright yellow, the young man now does not appear in public without make – up- smoky eyes and dark, almost black lipstick. Watching Cyril and hands – manicures and paint nails. “Mr. Synthol” Cyril Tereshin has changed beyond recognition

However, as noted by Malakhov, while Tereshina far from his idol Romario. The presenter even measured the volume of the biceps Brazilian bodybuilder – 64 cm. He advised his Russian fan to be careful with synthol. Recall that in a couple of years ago, DOS Santos was threatened with the amputation of hands, after long-term use of the drug, he began to numb limbs. However, the doctors were able to do so, that he avoided surgery – doctors pumped synthol from his body. However, even now Romario strongly developed musculature. The Brazilian wanted to be like the character from the comic the Hulk and he succeeded.

Soon the release of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”. Immediately after the release of the channel will appear MALAKHOV007 videos straight talk Cyril Tereshina and Romario DOS Santos. Don’t miss out!