How to be that supermom: the advice of psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky

Как стать супермамой: советы психолога Михаила Лабковского Famous experts shared tips on parenting. Michael Labkovsky told about the most common mistakes made by parents towards their children. The expert shared recommendations, which we should not forget adults.
Как стать супермамой: советы психолога Михаила Лабковского

Michael Labkovsky will become an expert of a new family reality show “Superblock,” which starts today, 22 January at 15: 00 on TV channel STS. Moms from across the country will host home battles to show who is really super. Among the heroines will be the mistress tattoo parlor, girl-punk, DJ, model, rap singer, fashion designer, flight attendant, actress, ballerina, and even the Deputy. Until the specialist told about the mistakes parents often make and how to avoid them.

Often come to me mom and asked how to help a child in 16 years – what profession to choose, what University to enter. Sorry, you missed it. Learning to make decisions with the birth as soon as baby can answer. Every day I ask what do you want for Breakfast: scrambled eggs or an omelet? Then this skill helps children to choose a profession and even a life partner.

It is very important to six years to give the child pocket money. For example, every Monday 100 rubles (50 rubles, depending on your abilities). The kid can spend it all on candy or save up money, then to buy a car, but he will learn to spend money! This is very important.

Should not children to get the power to clean! The only sure way to accustom them to physical labor is the game. When they are three or four years, let them wash the dishes or floors, if this is in the form of entertainment, and a 10 will not cause a protest.

Как стать супермамой: советы психолога Михаила Лабковского

In any case not during feeding to include children cartoons! I understand that it makes life easier. But then the meal turns into an expedition into the furnace. The child should derive pleasure from food, rather than mechanically chewing. I often like to say that I have not yet met a baby who died of hunger. Put the dish and remove after 15 minutes. Do not eat – well, eat your next meal.

You can’t force yourself to spend time with kids when you don’t. They all feel! Do not include “agimat”! It is better to spend with a child 20 minutes a day, but happy. And the rest of the time will be spent on yourself and your development. After all, the coolest thing you can give your children is the example!

Advice for working moms. When you leave for work, and the child grabs you by the leg and asked to stay. How do you respond? That mom is going to make money? This is wrong. Correct to say that mommy loves her job! And she really needs him! Then the child does not feel that time with him have exchanged for money and it is the understanding that the work is about love, it’s cool, it’s not hard labor that pays money.

Absolutely can not beat the children! It is not a method of education, it is your aggression. The child does not understand why he is beaten, he’s just like an animal is experiencing fear. Imagine a puppy, he loves his master. The owner came home, the puppy runs with dirty paws to pounce on the owner. And then he hurt stepping on his paw! He doesn’t understand why. But next time you won’t. If you do not want to train children like animals – do not touch them with your hands! Physical violence is a direct path to neurosis. There are many other ways of punishment – to pick up a gadget or a favorite toy, for example. Can’t cope with the aggression – go to the psychologist.

Children who perelyub, does not exist! So often hug their children and say that you like them! Only this can give your child the confidence and happy adult life. The diagnosis of ADHD – attention deficit. It affects up to 15% of all children in the world.

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