Подругу Шурыгиной затравили за нападки на Семенова Last week a scandalous story raped inhabitant of Ulyanovsk is again disassembled in the esters on Federal channels. In one of the TV show involved a friend of Shurygino Catherine Lukianchikova. The girl said that faced with the brutal aggression on the Network.
Подругу Шурыгиной затравили за нападки на Семенова

19-year-old Catherine Lukianchikova, girlfriend of the infamous resident of Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina, faced with cruel bullying on the Network. She was attacked on the Internet after participating in the program “really”. In the broadcast of Catherine stated that saw convicted for the rape of Shurygino Sergey Semenov once abused one of the girls. According to Lukianchikov, such behavior negatively characterizes a person.

Diana’s mother Shurygino commented on the rumors about prostitution daughter

Approval of Catherine caused a negative reaction among viewers. Many have accused the friend of Shurygino that she deliberately blackened the reputation of Semenov. Others have even come to the conclusion that Sergei is also made in relation to Catherine’s illegal actions. Lukianchikova had to make excuses on his page in “Vkontakte”.

“Explain to me, please, who is here Wang and I am sure that I could not be in Ulyanovsk and not see Semenova earlier? And who blew what I say, if he tried to rape me? I’m just talking about the fact that he invited me to move him from the company and firmly took her hand, I snatched it and walked away! Don’t know, he didn’t specify where exactly and why, perhaps, he wanted to smoke hookah and watch in another room out of the window at the stars. I was completely sober and just decided to play it safe! This is just my little feature Semenova,” said Catherine.
Подругу Шурыгиной затравили за нападки на Семенова

As reported Lukianchikova, she proved his innocence on a polygraph, but her recognition is not included in the broadcast. According to the girl, recording her testimony has “actually”.

Подругу Шурыгиной затравили за нападки на Семенова“During the recording of the program to the polygraph is connected only to the main characters. With all of the participants still held by it to the record. All written and recorded, signed by me and poligrafa, captured on camera! You can ask from the First channel of this record that is not in the air, I don’t know how to do it,” – said a friend of Shurygino.
Подругу Шурыгиной затравили за нападки на Семенова

According to Catherine, it firmly set up. The girl is going to defend his good name, despite the regular flow of insults and threats. She claims that she did not distort reality in the filming of the TV show.

“If it comes to more serious charges in my direction, I have witnesses and proof of the polygraph, as it’s officially the First recorded channel, and I am ready to fight for the truth! Can you sign or create a petition as you want to do. If the health of my loved ones suffer, the blame will fall on the shoulders of those who have distributed my address! And me going home not only half of my city and from different parts of the country!” – shared Lukianchikova.

We add that the issues of “actually” in which Diana Shurygina and the other member of the fatal party Alexander Rohlin tested on the lie detector, has provoked heated debate on the Network. Some viewers questioned the veracity of the testimony of the polygraph, and blogger Dmitry Larin took a critical review of the transfer, receives more than 950 thousand views on YouTube.