Mr lyovkin told about the cancer recurrence

Владимир Левкин поведал о рецидиве рака The actor and his wife were going through difficult times. According to Mary, when she was pregnant, my husband’s deteriorated state of health, and he had to re-apply in the Oncology clinic.

The former participant of group “on-On” Vladimir Levkin happy with his wife Maria for five years. According to the artist, it is this woman again taught him to love. The couple has a daughter, and nick plans a second child birth. As said Levkin, he met a woman in a difficult time. A few years before this, the musician overcame cancer of the lymphatic system.

In 2012 Levkin suddenly had a relapse. According to a man, it’s quite common. “I took the news calmly. I saw no reason to give up, the more that was waiting for the daughter”, – said Vladimir.

Maria tried to be supportive wife, often visited him in the hospital. Despite the fact that the woman was pregnant, she was on duty at the bedside of the man she loved in the cancer center.

“The doctors were afraid that I would give among cancer patients. But I was always strong, if it weak, not in front of her husband. My morning began at the hospital where I was observed for pregnancy, then fled to Vladimir, then was the casting for the TV series “Interns”, and then again in the hospital. In the afternoon he realized that even did not eat anything. Sometimes closed in the car, sobbed, screamed, then turn on loud music and tried to calm down,” admits the wife of the artist.

Thanks to the joint efforts, the disease has receded. However, Levkin continues to be observed at doctors. According to Vladimir, so far no health problems he does not feel. As told by musician he was helped by the support of fans.

“It was important to somehow distract you. I constantly read, I brought an unreal amount of books. Wrote a lot of fans. Remember the letter with children scribbles: “Vladimir, get well!” and in the envelope invested 10 rubles. This is worth a lot!” – said Vladimir.

Lyovka work together on the project “the Singer Marusia”. Their daughter Nika is also growing very artistic, loves to play music with her mother to the microphone. Levkin sure that it is too early to give a four year old girl in any clubs, therefore the parents themselves are involved in its development. The star and his wife often delight fans with pictures of baby on social networks. Fans wish happiness to their family.