Sasha Artemova and Evgeny Kuzin prepare a luxury wedding in Greece

Саша Артемова и Евгений Кузин готовят шикарную свадьбу в Греции Ex-members of telestroke expect a luxurious celebration that will be held soon. Sasha Artemova and Evgeny Kuzin intend to tie the knot this summer. For the upcoming holiday lovers have chosen an unusual and very romantic location.
Саша Артемова и Евгений Кузин готовят шикарную свадьбу в Греции

One of the most striking pairs of telestroke – Sasha Artemova and Evgeny Kuzin – preparations for the marriage. The lovers can’t wait for the moment when they finally say the vows to each other. In recognition of the former participants of the reality show, they’re going to have a romantic ceremony.

The venue of the celebration, the young people have chosen – Sasha and Eugene will celebrate the change in marital status abroad. And the coveted “Yes” they will say to each other on the beach. According to Artemov, the event will take place very soon – in about a couple of months. The lovers decided to go to the picturesque Glyfada, which is considered one of the finest places to stay in Greece.

“We’re getting married in mid-August, select date, Zhenya, as the lead lot of orders for corporate parties, adjust the schedule, – has shared with “StarHit” Sasha. – One morning favorite woke up and suddenly said: the wedding is not in Moscow, and in Greece! The place is already chosen – Athens, Glyfada area, there are beautiful beaches. We will put the floral arch in pink and white colors near the water. Want to rent vintage cars to explore the country, to honk the horn, yell”.

Sasha also told that have already chosen wedding dress. According to the bride, it’s special. However, as admitted happy Sasha, one point the groom may not have considered. “The dress I sew to order – it will weigh at least 50 pounds – smiling aunt. I don’t know how you’ll spend all day in it – in the same heat! Some kind of disconnect going on here”.

Lovers admitted that they plan to invite to the celebration of only the closest. Sasha and Eugene are waiting for the ceremony about twenty guests. At the same time, Artemova lamented the fact that not all relatives will congratulate them abroad. “Unfortunately, the parents arrive will not be able – who’s passport has expired, who has plans – continued the bride. – Upset about it.”

We will add that in February, Sasha Artemov and Evgeny Kuzin became the winners of the contest “the House-2. The wedding of the year”. The boys beat out the other participants, with the highest number of audience votes.

Recall also that Eugene Kuzin participates in the education of the charming son Mitya, from a previous marriage with Margarita Agibalova. In an interview with “StarHit” Eugene admitted that he wants again to be a father. Evgeny Kuzin: “the Daughter called Sophia”