“Motivation!”: Sergey Zhukov has told about his incredible weight loss

«Мотивация!»: Сергей Жуков рассказал о своем невероятном похудении
The soloist of group “Hands Up”, said goodbye to 20 extra pounds.

Sergei Zhukov (left – may 2017, right to March 2017)

Photo: @Instagram sezhukov Sergei Zhukov

Since March of this year the figure of Sergei Zhukov has changed dramatically: the artist was able incredibly to lose weight! The soloist of group “Hands Up” told about what motivated him to fight with excess weight, and what is its future plan to achieve a “body of dreams”.

Sergey believes that the desire to change the desire to look slim and the intention to take care of your health. It is no secret that obesity is the cause of many diseases. It is the desire to become healthy helped Zhukov not to go astray.

“I’m happy that love, faith and strength of will helped me to understand that it’s not weight loss and health! As soon as you begin to recognize, understand, and accept, appear, and sense, and desire, and success! Thank you to all my family and friends for support. It was and is not easy!” — thanked Sergey.

Zhukov did not intend to stop there. He set a goal and confidently to her moves. “Thank you mother darling for the unconditional understanding and a strong shoulder. Thank you to our friends and our godfather for the direction and the path, he added. — This is not the end but only the beginning. The goals are set, the work continues! Not to stop there and go forward is my program for the coming years!”