Konstantin Kryukov celebrated linen wedding

Константин Крюков отпраздновал льняную свадьбу
The actor posted for his wife a touching congratulation.

Konstantin Kryukov with his wife Alina

Photo: @Instagram lisiixvost Alina Krukova

Konstantin Kryukov with his wife Alina exchanged on the day of wedding anniversary heartfelt congratulations. From the day of the wedding the couple went for four years.

In a family anniversary, the actor spoke about how his life has changed after the wedding. “4 years ago was a very important day for us! We went in with a smile, extremely happy! Thank you beloved for the fact that since then nothing has changed!” — posted by Constantine. “A white bird. Beautiful, light, free, happy. Thanks for the wings! Be sure to arrange the wedding! It is even four years later, gives energy and joy!” replied Alina.

Constantine met in 2009 with his future wife through a happy occasion. Alina came to interview the actor in the role of pretender for the job of his PR Manager. Between them almost immediately after meeting flashed a bright affair. And, after four years in, hooks decided to make a favorite proposal of marriage. Before marriage Konstantin and Alina held a wedding ceremony.