Mother of the stars “House-2” has accused a pregnant Rapunzel in her son’s death

Мама звезды «Дома-2» обвинила беременную Рапунцель в смерти сына Lyudmila Grigoryevna told reporters that the shock of what is happening. The mother of a former participant of the teleproject Dima Dmitrenko accuses divorced pregnant Olga Rapunzel. Also, the woman reported that the scandal in the family the son was seriously affecting her health.

Controversial ex-participants “Houses−2” Dmitry Dmitrienko Olga Rapunzel divorce, despite the fact that in a few months the couple have a baby. Viewers of the TV show created a petition, in which he outlined the requirements to the head of the family: to detain Dmitrienko for beating pregnant wife Rapunzel. The audience, watching the family drama of Dima and Olya, condemns the future father and openly Express their opinions in social networks.

Reporters contacted the mother of the ex-member of the project and find out what she thinks about the accusations against her son.

Lyudmila Grigoryevna told reporters on the bad state of health. Scandal in the family the son was seriously affecting her health. It is worth noting that the woman has Dima’s guardian, she took the boy’s upbringing, when he died his blood mother, her sister.

“My son for two years put a sucker and an idiot. He’s a normal guy. “Dom-2” ruined his life. And Olga, and “the House−2″. They allowed a man to humiliate, to crush, to dip into the mud and take his life,” the mother said Dmytrenko.

According to the woman, she will never forgive Rapunzel for what she had condemned her son to suffer. The woman added that the ex-daughter-in-law always read the messages of the mother and the son and fully quote them in the channel.

“This is a PR Oli, which she started in order to return to the project. Dima she’s never needed,” – said Lyudmila Grigoryevna.

Olga Rapunzel’s filing for divorce after the cheating, beating husband

“Yes, Ola, it was necessary for the project to return. So she did so. I think that in these intimate correspondences pictures on his phone sent to Olga, and she answered for him,” said mom Dimitrenko.

The woman said that the son after two years on the project, problems with the nervous system.

“Such stresses there, so it chmorili, mocked him. No one gave him a helping hand. All trampled him into the dirt. And how is he going to live now, I don’t know,” the woman reported.

“When Olya’s mother on the loudspeaker spoke, she called him. Said “moron”, “bastard”, “come and tear off the eggs”. This pregnant Olga screamed so that I was horrified…that something!” – said the woman.

Pregnant Olga Rapunzel written statement to the police after beating her husband

L. G. admitted that he had repeatedly explained to the daughter and son, they should reconsider their attitude to each other. The woman saw between the couple developed strained relations, which had neither understanding nor respect. Also she Dmitrienko said about his son that he was never a gigolo. Dmitry always provided himself, and the parents did not take a penny.

“In Vladivostok it worked, the house was not sitting. Earned on the car, for repairs, furniture, TV… He bought it himself, I told him money didn’t help. He worked, he provided himself,” the woman said portal

In turn, Dmitry a few days ago published a picture in Instagram, signing it:”I’m happy!”.