Anna Banshchikova refuses to raise a daughter

Анна Банщикова отказывается воспитывать дочь The actress believes that girls should not be treated too harshly. Anna Banshchikova gave birth to Mary on March 17 of this year. Now she intends to spoil her and let her feel like a real Princess.
Анна Банщикова отказывается воспитывать дочь

In mid-March, the actress Anna Banshchikova became a mother for the third time. She gave her husband Vsevolod Shahanova long-awaited daughter Masha. The couple has two older sons – Sasha and Misha. The actress admits that she was confident in their methods of upbringing of boys but with a girl she has to change tactics. Anna Banshchikova raising sons in severity

“She’s just a very small, very gentle girl, made a completely different test than boys. That sons should be prepared for life, so they will become men, taking responsibility, caring about someone, earned. And the girl just needs to be sweet and tender. Girls, in my opinion, it is not necessary to educate. They need only to love and spoil. What with her demand – she must be a Princess!” – said Anna.

However, Banshikova can’t spend a lot of time with baby immediately after birth she had to go to the set. Now the child is Babysitting. The actress admits that she was difficult to find a suitable worker that she could trust yourself.

“We went to the agencies, and as a result this woman, my mother was advised by acquaintances. Nanny came to meet and immediately like me. After all performers have well-developed intuition. And still can’t leave Mary for more than a day or two. And when you come back, my daughter always sleeps next to me, so even at night we never parted,” says the actress.

Mothers of large families admit that it is difficult to educate the first child, and with the advent of younger children, everything becomes much easier. Anna says that after the birth of Misha, she was in constant tension – it seemed to her that one should always take it in useful things. Banshchikova spoke in an interview with “7 days” that now she can just enjoy the time spent with your children.

“With my daughter I can already afford just to get a contact high from the fact that she’s around. Each subsequent child is more adapted to life, more independent, because mothers become calmer and smarter…” – said the actress.